Happy two years together : )

 Our weekend trip to Baltimore just kinda of happened randomly on a whim. Well not really, but the purpose of our trip was to celebrate our anniversary - two wonderful years together - and truly the two best year of my life so far! So we wanted to get away, but the slacker than I am has an expired passport. D is constantly getting on me to renew it so we can go out some exotic vacation far away - but now the task of dreaded "passport" has become a running joke. Why is it when you keep procrastinating and putting something off it just creates this feeling of dread that you just can't bear the thought of doing. I mean I know it's fairly simple - just some paperwork, official documentation and taking a new photo - yet I just won't do it. D is going to have to force me, or better yet, do it for me! Alas, I digress...


So picking a little "vacation" spot sans passport needed to meet a few criteria - a. it needed to be in driving distance (since we were using out three day long weekend for president's day - thank you Mr. Washington) b. somewhere we've never been together before and c. I wanted it to be a bed and breakfast. For some reason there is something about bed and breakfasts that make everything a little more fun than just a regular old hotel. Our love of b+b's probably started two years ago on our first weekend away together (you know that's a big deal in a new relationship!) and he took me to quant little b+b in New Hope,PA. There we just spent quality time together and hatched many inside jokes that still live with us today. Not to mention you get these cute little breakfasts served to you in the morning. I think we need to make b+b's a tradition and our "thing."   

           weekend in Baltimore with the love of my life <3
        me and d in the inner harbor.
our amazing room at Celie's Bed and Breakfast. Love the four post canopy bed. I need to get myself one of these one day and drape some soft white netting and sheets.
              our fireplace that made it difficult for us to ever leave the room....
               view from our room overlooking Fell's Point - Baltimore Harbor.

Kooper's Tavern had THE most amazing spicy crab soup. It was basically a mix of spicy maryland crap soup (a red based brothy soup with veggies) and cream of crab soup. The results were this oh so delicious soup that was just spicy enough and to die for. I mean soup nazi status! (for those of you who get that Seinfeld reference). One of the things on my to-do list will be trying to re-create this deliciousness : )
                  what a cutie he is - and he doesn't even know it.
this awesome little wine bar near our b+b that we discovered by accident. v-no.

 got a little wine and cheese platter with fresh baguette. I enjoyed the sharp cheddar and brie. too bad D doesn't like cheese (inside joke - which I hope he catches....) the herbed goat cheese I could have swapped out for another hard cheese. 
We also snagged up these awesome vintage wine holders. I love anything vintage so these were some clear purchases.

Ponga. My new favorite wine - which I cannot seem to find anywhere!!
 our last morning/day in baltimore. breakfast in bed in front of a fire. on a monday morning. don't mind if I do! Also my second attempt at greek yogurt - not as scary as my first time around when I thought I had a spoonful of sour cream in my mouth. barf.
our last stop before we left MD was this cute little hat shop in the inner harbor. showing off our fun little finds before we head back to jersey....and back to reality.....hooeew!

happy two years to my favorite guy!
we love you baltimore <3 we'll see you again soon : )

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  1. Not only was that the best weekend of my life but also it has been the best 2 years of my life-love you so much!!


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