Black Stripes and Blue Jean {jacket}

Todays outfit I got to wear one of my favorite statement necklaces. I paired it with stripes and layered on a jean jacket for when the office gets a little chilly. Then I added the camel colored flats to give it a little contrast. Note: I've had these flats for about 5 years, they were from target for probably $15, and not only are they comfy, but I get compliments on them all the time mistaking them for "designer" or expensive shoes. Cheap and fabulous, Win - Win!
Outfit Details:
Jean Jacket: Old Navy -- Striped Top: H&M -- Statement Necklace: Boutique in Hoboken
Tortoise Watch: Michael Kors -- Black Pants: Madewell -- Camel Flats: Target

Anyone else have a favorite (cheap) piece that is not only comfortable, but mistaken for a more expensive item?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Love those shoes!


  2. I love color in my wardrobe but there is something about the classic black and white pairing that I am always drawn to! Love this look!!!

  3. What a pretty necklace! Those flats certainly do look like a luxe item. Target always has the best stuff :)

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  4. I have tons of cheap stuff that looks way more expensive! That's the way to go! Love this whole outfit, especially the necklace!

  5. I have a pair of cheap cowboy boots - I think they were $60 - that always get mistaken for Fryes! I have Fryes too and I don't think the cheaper ones even compare, but people love them so I'm not complaining!

  6. Oh wow, those shoes are super adorable and do look designer expensive! Loving that statement necklace too :)


  7. My favorite watch is constantly mistaken for designer. I have to show people that it's held together with elastic for them to believe I got it for $15.


    Kristina does the Internets

  8. Hi there how are you? I am Ada from http://elegancepersonification.blogspot.com/

    I just found your blog today and I must say I reallty like it. First of all great name to it. Nothing likle the Pretty Little Things in life. I also love your background with the gorgeous flowers. You have a cute style as well.

    I think this casual outfit is chic and polished. Great necklace and ballet flats.

    Please stop by my blog and see what I am about. Let's follow each-other. =) I think the best thing about blogging is the friends we make along the way. =)

    Thanks, Ada.

  9. I LOVE this! Amazing jacket and striped top :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  10. I love that necklace! I've literally worn through my favorite striped shirt, so I definitely need a new one.

    The Glossy Life

  11. adorable shoes & necklace. Jean stuff is so in lately!!

  12. Love this simple and chic look. You statement necklace is gorgeous.

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam


  13. Those shoes are a steal! They are so cute:)! Love the outfit girl!

  14. I have a $20 red "leather" crossbody bag from JCPenneys that has routinely been mistaken for Coach. Whatever you want to believe! ;)

  15. Love this outfit! I love your statement necklace! I get compliments all the time on my inexpensive jewelry...I think it's the whole outfit that makes it looks more expensive.


  16. I love pieces like those shoes, there's nothing like feeling expensive while secretly know you got a great bargain :)

  17. Great outfit!


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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