February Date Night {in March} ooops.

As I mentioned originally in {this post} I made D a date night basket for Christmas with a pre-planned date by me for each month of the year. I figured it would be a cute and creative way to show D how much I love him, plus give him a night off since he is always planning and doing all the romantic things (seriously ladies, I hit the jackpot when I found him!). I wanted to share our February date night, even though it's March (ooops) because better late than never.
 I blame it on February being a short month : )
For our February date, I decided to have a Valentine's themed sleepover -- meaning we would bring all the blankets and pillows in our living room and camp out my candlelight near our fireplace. The rules were no TV, cell phone or electronics --just "us" time to reconnect, spend the night talking and laughing. I ordered us sushi from our favorite restaurant, some sparkling water, and a dessert plate of fruits and chocolate. The best part was we could eat everything with our hands! Overall, I think I did a great job on this date (if I do say so myself!) and even D said it's the best date he'd ever been on. (go me!)
gotta use my heart shaped plates for our romantic "fireside" dinner.
because boys should get flowers too.
I picked these up for D because he has quite the green thumb and loves flowers more than me!
sushi, edamame and salads with carrot ginger dressing -- YUM
 fruit and chocolates were a sweet way to end the night : )
  March's date night has yet to happen (which I hope to actually post in March!) but we need to schedule it in our calendars asap. Be on the look out for March's date post coming soon...

Past date night ideas can be found here:
{January Date Night}

 So would you make a date night basket for your hunny, and if so - what would be some of your ideas for fun and creative dates -- I'd love to hear them!

xo Steph


  1. This is such a cute idea! I really like the no cell phones/technology rule :)

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  2. oh my gosh I absolutely love this idea!!! It's nice to do things the opposite way sometimes. I can't wait to see the rest!

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  4. VERY CUTE! I love this idea.


  5. This is such a cute idea! I wonder if I could get my boyfriend into snuggling on the floor, I bet he would immediately revert to the couch.


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  6. What a lovely date night! I simply must do something like this for our anniversary. Have a lovely weekend. xx. McKenna Lou

  7. What a great idea. My husband and I will have to try this next year. Love it. I"m hosting a link up next Thursday March 28, hope you can join.



  8. Such a cute idea! I did something similar to this for my first Valentines with my hubby except I had "coupons" for certain dates. It was fun!


  9. How sweet is this! I hope you share some of your other months dates as well.


  10. This is such a cute idea! I may have to look into doing this for Christmas next year! Love it :)

    Following your blog now, I'd truly love it if you'd follow back! :)


  11. How adorable!! Love the sushi and dessert plate! And camping inside with 0 electronics is amazing! It sounds super romantic and something couples should do more of.


  12. I just came across your blog about two minutes ago and I'm already loving it! What a cute gift idea. I'll definitely be following your blog now. I hope you'll follow back and enjoy! -April


  13. And this literally was the best date ever..I'm not exaggerating!!! Girls, ask your men what they think and I'm guessing they would also love this idea.

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  16. I need to take a note from your book! This is such a great idea :) I love it. I need to do more fun little things like this!!!

  17. It was a great photo sessions all of these photos are good here .


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