A Day at the Christmas Tree Farm

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle I realized I never shared my pictures from when I went to get my family's Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. We bundled up with hot beverages in tow and headed to this adorably charming tree farm to pick out a winner. It then dawned on me that I'd like to open my own Christmas tree farm. I'm seriously in the wrong business -- these people make a FORTUNE selling trees. Holy moly at $70 bucks a pop, these tree farms are probably set for the year based off of one seasons earnings! 
 The boys getting down and dirty to cut the tree while my mom and I take pictures and cheer them on!
 me and my twin : )
I also found Tiki's cousin -- this wire haired dachshund. I wish we brought her to the farm with us but I know she would have been misbehaving and barking at young children so we decided to keep her home, all snuggled up and burrowed in her blankets.
the family Christmas card? I love how D is holding the giant tree measuring stick as a festive prop.
the boys hauling our two tree back to the truck.
nothing like Christmas trees and kisses in the pick up truck.
probably one of my favorite pictures.
After getting our trees, we stopped at a bakery for well, baked goods and some hot chocolate. and this was no ordinary bakery, but the bakery where I worked my very first job at the tender age of 13. Of course the owners didn't recognize me at all (which was probably for the best - I was a rather immature 13!) but it was a fun stroll down memory lane nonetheless. 
 haha this bear. 
and on that note we headed up, put up BOTH trees (remember in this family we rock the Christmas mullet -- more on that here) and sat by the fire. I was in heaven!

xo Steph


  1. Looks so fun!! And I'm gonna have to snag me a pair of Hunter boots, looks adorable!

    1. you should totally do it! i wear mine all the time so they have already paid off if you think about it as the cost-per-wear theory!

  2. Great pics!!! We typically buy our tree from Home Depot so it's not as fun….I wished I lived closer to a tree farm - it looks like such a fun family tradition.


    P.S. I am hosting a Kensie giveaway and hope you stop by and enter.

    1. thats ok! putting up the tree and decorating it is just as fun : )

  3. Haha, you should start your own tree farm for next year :) Looks like you guys had fun picking out the perfect tree.

    The Tiny Heart
    December Group Giveaway!

    1. I'm telling ya - we are all in the wrong profession. these people make so much money!!

  4. Christmas is such a beautiful and family orientated holiday. From the tree picking to the decorating, it always makes for wonderful memories.

    1. I agree -- everything is so much better this time of year : )

  5. that was a beautiful day for cutting the trees.I had sooo much fun. Maybe dad will buy us a tree farm.Haha. Love you.

  6. Happy couple romantic photography . Feeling awesome .


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