Love Lately {Cold Weather Edition}

 I've been terrible with posting lately, so my apologies for that. With that being said, I thought it would be a nice to share some pics from my trusty iphone of things I'm loving lately. Take a look : )
1. The last of the Winter Wear. Even though I am SOOO OVER snow days, they give me an excuse to wear cute outfits like this.
Hello J.crew and Hunter boots obsession : )
2. Chunky Scarves. The winter that overstayed it's welcome at least allows me to still wear these extra cozy and chunky infinity scarves. I got this one for Christmas from D's mom and it is seriously like wrapping yourself up in a blanket. Amazing.
3. Cold weather also means D and I get to wear our matching trapper hats out and about like nerds.
4. Little known fact: I have curly hair. I never wear it curly, like ever. I just feel like straight hair is more manageable and looks more natural on me, so I have been straightening it since the invention of the flat iron. Not kidding. I think I had the first "flat iron" in 10th grade that actually had a water chamber and "steamed"your hair straight. Ghetto. And dangerous. I had many steam related burns from that tool. But I digress. I've been feeling a little sassy lately and splurged on some quality hair products and have been playing around with my curls. For any of you curly haired girls out there -- please share with me your tips and favorite styling products!!
 5. The Melting Pot. I recently went to dinner there for a friends birthday and I forgot how much fun fondue can be. I love interactive dinners like hibachi, so The Melting Pot is right up my ally. Weird thing though, our service was soooo slow. It took our waiter like over an hour to bring out our food, which is strange considering we cook our own food at the table. So it's not like I'm waiting for it to be cooked. Hmmmm oh well. The dessert tray made up for it all. Rice Krispie treats dipped in dark chocolate and peanut butter. HEAVEN. 
6. Comfort Foods. Snowy cold days make me crave comfort foods. The last snow day we got, D and I headed to our favorite restaurant down the block. My choice: grilled cheese and french onion soup. Holla!
7. Lazy Sundays. The kind of Sunday where I don't even get out of my sweatpants kinda day. I had that kinda day last weekend and it was glorious. I snuggled with this cute thing under the blankets alllll day.
 8. Love notes. This is what happens when your boyfriend packs your lunch for work. Amazing how the small things can totally make your whole day. 
He's cute.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

xo Steph


  1. STEPH! I obviously finished your scarf forever ago and it's just been sitting next to the door. Every day I ask Dean "should I just send it? When are we going to see your family?" and he says "nonono. we'll see them." but we haven't even seen your parents!

    This morning I actually took your scarf, stuffed it in a Julep box, and brought it to work. I'm texting you for your address before it's too warm to try it out!

    With Luck Blog

    1. ahhh you're too cute! I can't wait to see the scarf! And on that note we really do need to get together -- we have been saying this for forever but let's make it happen and pick a weekend! :)

  2. I had no idea your hair was naturally curly!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  3. I've been wanting some rain boots. Yes, I'm over Winter & scratchy sweaters. I'm more of a flip flop type of girl. That's nice that you get love notes from your b/f. My hubby use to do that when we were dating, almost 11 years ago.

  4. I'm so over snow days too -- but that outfit is too cute!! Can't wait to see your warm weather edition :]

    XO Courtney
    Color Me Courtney

  5. Could you and D be any cuter?! OMG. LOVE LOVE!


  6. Wow you and D are adorable!!:) I love it. And great pictures! I especially love the boots in the first pic!


  7. That chunky scarf looks so cozy! We've had such warm winter that I have not been able to use much of my winter gear.


  8. Steph, I enjoy reading your blog from the fashion tips to the family stuff! You and D are too cute!! :)

    I have curly hair too (ringlets) and here's the link to the product I use. http://www.frizzoff.com/5-curl-keeper.aspx I've been using it for almost 8 years and love it! It doesn't contain any silicones which makes it so great! :)

    I don't have a blog so just posting this way for now. Hope it helps!

  9. I wish I was wearing that outfit!!!!!!!! Love it!

  10. You are beautiful any way you style your hair and you may not feel as beautiful or comfortable with it natural but I am being as honest as I ever have, you are simply stunning with your hair natural and should feel like rock star when it's curly. Love you with your hair both ways ;)

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