Remember when it was Memorial Day Weekend?

And remember when I stayed on top of blogging? Yeah, me neither. Ugh, maybe I have caught a case of spring fever but my head has been in the clouds. I feel like the students I counsel….totally counting down the last days of school, which is 16, but who really keeps track of that stuff. Anyway, finally getting around to sharing MDW pics which included a Mets game with the whole family (starting to be a new tradition), a friend's 30th birthday on the water at this fabulous restaurant, and some BBQ action at my parents house in the country. It couldn't have been a more perfect, and busy, weekend :)
Big apple home run. One of the first dates D ever took me on was to a Mets game (great seats behind the dug out) so we really was aiming to impress! So this holds a special place in our hearts.
I'm not sure this Corona is big enough. What do you think?
I guess we cleared out the whole nose bleed section, huh?
the moment we found out we were both Mets fan we knew it was true love.
We bonded over a lifetime of disappointment and losing. 
Me and my momma.
Bunch of crazzzzy people we are. And I love every second of it!
Like sister like brother I guess.
After the game, even though we were exhausted we headed to my friend's birthday where we, well…..had a blast. And maybe a few too many drinks too! 
Reminiscing and catching up with your girlfriends is sooooo necessary. 
Also went a little out of my comfort zone with my saturday night look. Sorry for the poor quality of this photo but I wanted to share my out of the ordinary (for me) look.
Because it rained at the Mets game, my hair was a hot mess when I got home. Rather than take on that nasty battle with my straightener, I decided to work with the natural texture (and the braid I had in all day) and I think it came out pretty cute.  I felt very Carrie Bradshaw….a little wild and sassy. And add the red lips and it was all over ;)
On Sunday I went home to PA to grill at my parents house. The boys played golf and the girls got manis and shopped. Just the way I like it!

Again, sorry for the lack of blogging. Once the school year comes to a close I hope to kick up my blogging like….full time! Stay tuned :)

xo Steph


  1. wonderful impressions :) and that corona is huuuuuugeee,damn :)

  2. You are so pretty! And I love those nail colours!


    1. aw thanks Ashley! and there is nothing like getting a fresh mani to brighten up your day! :)

  3. Love love love your hair! You should do that more often!!


  4. All your photographs are professional .


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