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Life lately has been a real whirlwind! Still coasting on the engagement high, it's been really fun to celebrate with friends and family who are genuinely happy for us. I still am in a little disbelief every morning when I put my ring on….but I'm slowly getting used to this beautiful addition to my everyday jewelry ritual (you know what I mean, the pieces you wear every single day.) 
Current mani color that I'm crushing on right now is Essie's Fiji. It's like the perfect shade to show off when people ask to see the ring.
A few weeks ago D's family took us out to celebrate the engagement and we ended up going to dinner, drinking on the pier and ending our night on a roof top bar. It was the perfect night and I'm so excited to officially call all these people my family :)
 The "cousins" having a photo shoot on top of a life guard chair down at the pier.
Me and one of my besties celebrating over fruity cocktails :)
Since I have some time off of work right now (the perks of working in a public school) I've been able to get away and visit my parents in PA. Our dog tiki LOVES going there because she gets to "help" my dad in the garden. Sometimes I feel bad because she's a city dog cooped up in an apartment, but when I bring her back home she is seriously loving life!! She's such a cutie :)
I cannot resist a good Panera lunch!
As a school counselor I get to order my fall school supplies before school let out -- and look what came in!! Who remembers these awesome markers?? Just thought I would share these sweet bad boys. Watermelon was always my favorite scent.

xo Steph


  1. Looks like you have been having a blast :)

  2. That nail polish color is so pretty and yes perfect to show off that gorgeous ring. Glad you are having a great summer!


  3. I had to scroll back a couple of pages to read the sweet, thoughtful, and super impressive proposal story and all I have to say is WOW! The singing/piano playing definitely put the proposal over the top! I'm so happy for you guys Stephanie! What an unforgettable day and I'm so glad it was captured with pictures! Congrats to you both! Your ring is BEAUTIFUL! Such an exciting journey ahead of you guys and I wish you all the best with this next chapter in your life! :)

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