Last Days of Summer and Rainbow Sherbet

As the last days of summer roll by (sigh) I have been trying to soak in all the sun while I can. Just the other day, D and I checked out this new Beer Garden in Hoboken that is on a pier that everyone calls Pier 13 -- but I was joking around saying that they should call it the Pier Garden! Anyway, the view of NYC was gorgeous and I wished I had known about Pier 13 when it opened back in July. If I knew, I would have spent many days on the pier enjoying the local food trucks and some cold beverages with friends. Here is the casual outfit I wore when meeting up with friends, which kind of reminds me of rainbow sherbet (hence the title above!) haha
 Outfit Details:
Peach T-shirt: Old Navy // Hot Pink Shorts: TJ Maxx // Sandals: Report
Watch & Bag: Michael Kors // Leather Bracelet: Tory Burch // Love Necklace: Tiffany & Co
 Gorgeous view from the Pier. There's the Empire State Building straight ahead.
 Whoa frizzy hair alert! Must have been all the humidity near the water that got my locks all volumized!!
 And to the right we have the new Freedom Towers being built in place of the World Trade Towers.
It will never be the same, but it's certainly the New, New York. And I love it just the same ; )

Hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your last days of summer!

-Pretty Little Things

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  1. Do you live in NYC? I can now understand all your posts about wearing flowy outfits b/c of the heat! I was there 2 weeks ago and every night I got back to my hotel I had sweated through whatever it is I was wearing that day! I just had a huge pile of damp clothes, it was disgusting! 85 degrees in NY is definitely hotter than 85 degrees in Ohio!

  2. I live right across in NYC, and I've never heard of this beer garden! It looks like a gorgeous setting, I definitely want to check it out before summer is over!

    The Glossy Life

  3. What a colorful outfit. Now I want to go get some frozen yogurt or something! Looking awesome.

    And awesome pics of the skyline!

    Understated Classics

  4. I am from Hoboken and have never heard about this place! How is that possible?! I am going to look it up right now and head over there this weekend!

  5. i've loved watching the freedom tower come up. an inspirational view on my walk to work every morning!


  6. The view from the pier is so pretty! You went on a gorgeous day.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  7. The view is so gorgeous! Even though I'm in Jersey I never venture into Hoboken...I'd always go to the city instead.

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my jewelry giveaway!

  8. Looks like a great place! Cute outfit too!


  9. Really great outfit! This makes me really miss New York. :)

  10. What a gorgeous view! And you look so cute, I love your nail polish!

  11. That looks like such a lovely place to spend some time! I can't believe fall is getting close, the summer has gone by much too quickly!

  12. Loving the color of your nails!


  13. Love the color of your shorts. Great place to hang out with too.

  14. Lovely & colorful end-of-summer outfit....love all those amazing sights too!


  15. Beautiful day and beautiful woman!!! Win win for me and everyone else for that matter-haha.

  16. Love the peach and pink together!! I hate when you discover something like that and are bummed you hadn't spent more time there because you didn't know about it!!! It's happened to me before, too.

    The Blue Hour

  17. Peach & pink, total win! and I LOVE that bracelet you're rocking!

  18. Looks like you are having a great time! Love the studded leather bracelet! Your hair looks fine! You should see my crazy super fine thick hair in humidity! Not a pretty sight! :) Thanks for linking up!

  19. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous. I love the nail polish color.

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