Kitchen Love.

 Anyone else has an love and infinity for kitchen gadgets and appliances like me? I guess I've always been something of a domestic diva deep down because I love to cook (although it seems like these days I've had less time to do it) and I love to entertain. To me, the kitchen is the heart of the household -- and if you notice, at parties people always end up in the kitchen, chatting for hours. Probably because people love to congregate around good food and good drinks. I know I do.
Check out my recent kitchen obsessions -- 
 The cutest little measuring spoons ever!
And omg, these nesting owl measuring cups are too cute for words. So cute I would definitely keep these on the counter top!
And these are snow globe spice shakers with little animals inside. I love how the deer looks like he's in grass and the camel looks like he's in the desert! haha 
 I would LOVE a chalkboard/magnetic wall in the kitchen to leave messages and to-do lists everywhere. Note to self, next place I live -- make this happen.

These are cute and colorful kitchen utensils that are weighted to when you place them on the counter, they don't touch. Brilliant. and Lovely.

Fun tasting plate for when D and I have our sushi nights. Communal soy sauce area and a way for us to share everything.

And I'd love a tasting plate like this for when I entertain. I myself love having a lot of sauces and dipping options so this is perfect for me!
 The ultimate luxe kitchen item -- the Kitchen Aid mixer in the color raspberry ice. LOVE.

 And in an efforts to stop using microwave popcorn packets (I read an article that they are full of bad chemicals) I wanted to start air popping my own just using corn kernals, oil and a little salt and butter. mmmmm I'm getting hungry already.
 These cute mugs from Anthropologie. I actually already have an "S" mug that I got from my BFF as part of her maid of honor gift to me -- and I love it. She knows me too well! I'd love to get another "D" mug so we have a set.
And lastly, no kitchen or "hostess with the mostess" is complete without a cute apron. This one is also from Anthropologie and I think it's just so feminine and cute. Every domestic goddess should have a fabulous apron!
*all images found on my pinterest*

Does anyone else have a love of kitchen gadgets?
What's on your kitchen love wish list?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Target has had some super adorable kitchen stuff lately!

  2. I love kitchen things and yet I hardly cook! I don't really understand how Dean and I have filled so many cabinets.

  3. I am now officially obsessed with everything you posted here! I need that raspberry Kitchen-aid!!

    I got an apron from Anthropologie for christmas one year and I love it! They are so girly and made you feel like a domestic goddess!

    I love your blog!! I just started following!


  4. I'm pretty sure I need those owl measuring cups. The cuteness is killing me


  5. I could have that mixer and a chalkboard wall in my kitchen and die a happy gal. ;)

  6. Since you asked... heehee...I'd love a kitchen aid mixer. And although I don't cook and bake as much as i'd like....I would like to think that once I own this tool, I'll actually have a kitchen that I could fully use and entertain people in!
    Apartment living is not all its cracked up to be, but I def need more counter space for my fun stuff!
    That bread dipping sauce plate is my fave too!!!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  7. Oh my goodness those nesting measuring cups are so cute!! And I'm dying for a kitchenaid mixer too.


    Kristina does the Internets

  8. That KitchenAid mixer is like the crowning glory of any kitchen! And I have a tip for you on the popcorn....get regular popcorn kernels, and pop them in a brown paper bag like you would normal popcorn (about 1/4 cup unpopped makes a big bowl of popcorn) You can season it with spray butter, and whatever you like!


  9. I adore kitchen things too! I just wish I wasnt running out of room for them. Great rundown of goodies!
    I'm doing a giveaway right now, hope you'll pop over and check it out!

    xo Rach

  10. How cute!! Especially love the initial cups! Great picks! Well done!



  11. Oh my gosh that sushi plate is too dang cute!!

    Dearest Lou

  12. Just found your blog. Oh my gosh, love all these ideas - chalk board is amazing idea. I was in love with kitchen gadget until I had my twins, now I don't spend much "exploratory" time in the kitchen. It's get in, get out, on to the other 10,000 things I have to do! Best!

  13. I love those owl nesting bowls! And the kitchenaid mixer... I die!
    Everything but Ordinary

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I totally love those cute little measuring spoons and the Joseph Joseph utensil carousel.


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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