Shopping with Pretty Little Things {Black Friday Edition}

I know what you're thinking. A few days ago I just said I was on a shopping ban, and then today I'm all like "come shopping with me" -- this girl is such a liar! Well let me clear something up -- I held to my word and did not buy anything for myself, I did however and start my Christmas shopping for my family.
With that being said, I did "browse" around for me -- and if anything, it gave me wonderful inspiration to remix my closet during my shopping ban.
Here I hit up J.Crew (my ultimate weakness) and snapped some pics of my current favorite inspirations.
Enjoy : )
 I'm normally not a fan of green - but kinda loving this outfit!
 I hope my future children will be as stylish as these mannequins. haha
Or have a cute J.Crew inspired family : )
 Classy cream and black lined jacket.
 This would be a great conservative look for my work.
 Loving the floral top/leopard belt combo.
 sorry for the glare in these shots. These were the outfits in the window display.
This last look is from Gap. Something about the chambray shirt dress and scarf that I'm totally in love with! 

Hope you enjoyed "shopping" with me today and feel a little more inspired to remix your closet!



  1. Love them all. My dream= unlimited shopping spree at J Crew.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  2. JCrew kills me this time of year!!! I just want everything from there!!! The Grey/orange sweater also comes in this gorgeous light camel color that was just in the new style guide. Swoooooon!!!

  3. I never would have thought to put a floral top with a leopard belt! Love these looks, I'm glad I am out of town today so I wasn't tempted by J.Crew!


  4. Christmas is going to be a good one this year because there has been a lot of boxes coming to the apt ;)


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