Superbowl Sunday {funday}

Whether your team is actually playing, or you're just there for the food and booze -- Superbowl Sunday is just another excuse to throw a party and celebrate in the festivities. For me, my team didn't even make the playoffs this year {come on Giants....} but I'll be having a party at my place with snacks, food and family.
And hey, even if you aren't into football -- there's always the commercials right?

Super Bowl Sunday Funday!

Where you can get these game day goodies:

So what are you more into this superbowl: the game, the food or the commercials?

Everyone enjoy their weekend!



  1. I love that tank! Super excited for tomorrow :)

  2. Very excited for tomorrow! Go 49ers! {p.s. I'm also very excited to pig out!}

    Molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

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