happy three years!

Today marks D and my three year anniversary of being together. Sometimes it feels like we've been together a lifetime and other times it feels like we just met. Today and this weekend we are celebrating US -- so I thought it would be fitting to share some of our older memories on the blog (from my pre-blogging days) and taking a stroll down memory lane of all the fun times we've shared. Let's take a look shall we?
pic taken from the first day we met {more on this pic here}
Our first St. Patty's day parade in Hoboken
D took me to a Mets game (with awesome first level seats) for a 4th date I believe?
he really knew how to pull out all the stops!
We celebrated his surprise 30th with friends and family
this pic might just me one of my favorites ever.
we went to Belmont Stakes for the races and made it a yearly tradition ever since.
he bought me this gift that I hardly ever played {shame one me!!}
we went on our first weekend away at this lovely bed and breakfast and discovered how much we love B+B's. And another tradition was born!
took underwater shots being silly.
celebrated being together 6 months with a gorgeous photo shoot down by the nyc skyline.
spent many days and nights on his balcony overlooking the city.
oh how I miss this balcony...
went wine tasting.
celebrated a few Halloweens together...
another one of my favorite pics of us making our signature faces aka the stinky face.
Froze our buts off at a few Giants games
another tradition. visiting the Rockefeller Christmas tree.
 seeing Bon Jovi rock it out.
 dyed Easter eggs
 went to more weddings
 went to the coolest ninja restaurant ever {seen here}
 saw America Idiot starring Billy Joe
dressed up in 80's gear. 
Doesn't he look wayyyy too natural in his Billy Cosby sweater and stonewashed jeans?
 our first official vacation away together in Miami.
 just being silly.
and here's pics from last years anniversary. 
also notice my ny giants themed manicure prepping for the superbowl? b/c that's how I roll!
Happy three years to my favorite guy, my love and best friend. Cheers to many many more! xo
I love you D! xo



  1. That is such a sweet post, happy Anniversary to you guys.


  2. All the best and happy anniversary :)
    Enjoy! You look so cute together!

  3. Congratulations! That picture of you two in the park is too precious!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You guys are SO cute together!! Cheers to many more!


  5. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this weekend (despite the snowstorm!) :)

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    Necklace Giveaway!

  6. I swear - you two are the cutest couple ever!!! Have a great time celebrating your anniversary!


  7. Congrats!!! Great pictures.



  8. I loved going through some of your memories! Very sweet, Congratulations to you both!

  9. Congratulations! Your pictures are so cute!!


  10. What gorgeous pictures of you and your man. You two are such a cute couple. Happy weekend! xx. McKenna Lou

  11. SOOOOOO cute!! happy anniversary sweet stuff!! You guys are adorable!! Enjoy the celebration!


  12. Happy Anniversary! Great post and I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to read all about it.


  13. yay congrats! I've gotta say, D's clothing as certainly improved over the last 3 years ;-)
    Hope we get to see you guys tomorrow!

  14. Happy three year anniversary Steph! May you both share a lifetime of memories together! To 50+ more years:))!

  15. Many great memories with you!! Great job touching on a few. Love you!!

    @JennD I actually commented on my terrible dressing as well.

  16. wonderful photojourney......me and the husband completed 5 years and it feels like a lifetime so cant understand!!!

    you guys are so great at taking pics..my hubby is so shy he never poses for the camera


  17. Happy couple romantic photographs . I appreciated these photos .

  18. Capable photography you have a great thanks for shared this on public .


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