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So are you one to decorate for Thanksgiving or have you already fast-forwarded to Christmas? Confession: one of my biggest pet peeves is putting your Christmas stuff up for Thanksgiving. What happened to Thanksgiving? When did Thanksgiving become the red headed step child of holidays that gets no love? Thanksgiving for me has always been one of my favorite holidays as a kid, so I think its important to give it it's day, complete with festive, harvesty decor and enjoy the day for what it is: being thankful! And don't worry, I have NO problem breaking out the Christmas stuff on black friday. In fact, we're going out as a family to get our Christmas tree on Friday. Just like the Griswald family cutting down their tree. Let's just hope Todd and Margo don't spoil all our fun ; )
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 | Decor |
1. spray leaves gold and write names for pretty name cards
2. gold leaves also look gorgeous on white pumpkins
3. LOVE this entryway with the cornstalks, mums, and pumpkins galore
4. baskets of pumpkins and gourds for simple arrangements
5. stencil "give thanks" on a white pumpkin
6. love this thankful burlap banner
 7. frame printables in simple frames
8. Thanksgiving sangria
9. These Thanksgiving plates are adorable
10. use candles and bittersweets for decor

| Make Yearly Traditions |
11. make a pumpkin "snow man" with the kids and have a contest to see who builds the best one
12. make someone wear the turkey hat for whoever shows up the latest to the party
13. have a pumpking smashing party after dinner to work off that turkey coma. Plus its a fun way to symbolically go out with the pumpkins and in with the pine trees : )

So do you all decorate for Thanksgiving or have you turned your house into a winter wonderland already?

xo Steph


  1. Haha, that turkey hat is hilarious! I don't usually decorate for holidays thanks to the dogs...they usually wind up munching it!

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    1. Haha my dog doesn't destroy things as much as she does pee on them (poor girl is getting old!) I was just saying yesterday to my dog "you're the reason I can't own nice things!!" hahah

  2. Christmas Christmas Christmas! I enjoy Thanksgiving a lot - especially the stuffing - but it ends up being really weird for me decor wise. Most of my pumpkins are now rotting from before Halloween and a lot of my extra fall decorations just don't seem to go with the current snow fall. I do a slow transition (so my wreath outside is still fall-ish) but most of my pumpkins are now gone. Red and gold can be found around the house more now which gives everything a warm, holiday feel.

    With a late Thanksgiving this year and Christmas being less than a month away I'm starting to get anxious.... I've started to pull out the stockings haha. I'm so ready for a tree! Plus we all know that Dean's been lighting up the pine smelling candles year round haha

    1. the key is not carving the pumpkins (which is what I did this year) and they are still good to go right now! I sooo look forward to when I have my first house and can host my first Thanksgiving -- it is going to be all harvesty and fab! But don't get me wrong, I'm excited to bust out my Xmas stuff this weekend : )

  3. I agree - I love hosting Thanksgiving and all my decor will be harvest themed - then Fiday it goes in the basement and I'm ready to start my Christmas decorating. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  4. So glad you agree Vicki! I love a nice harvest themed Thanksgiving (it wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving to me with a tree up!) and then the next day it all comes down and on to Christmas! Thanks for the comments and have a Happy Thanksgiving yourself! : )

  5. In Canada, our Thanksgiving is in October so I definitely always have my stuff up by American Thanksgiving. I so love the placement of American Thanksgiving to kick off the season. I love all the decor in this post!

  6. Such pretty thanksgiving decor! I usually jump right into the christmas decor so that I can have it up for as long as possible! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I love all the gold that's being used this year! The place settings are pretty!


  8. Love all this decor! So pretty and yay for getting your xmas tree!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  9. So many cute ideas!! As much as I love Thanksgiving, I'm already ready to decorate for Christmas though :)

  10. Well decoration . Feeling inspired after seeing your post .


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