Happy Movember everyone! Not sure what Movember is? Well you can read more about it here, but basically it is a month long event to raise awareness for men's health issues -- all while the guys have some fun and get an excuse to grow these mustaches in the process. So to commemorate the occasion, I put together a collection of the best 'staches I could find online. Enjoy
Movember 2

Movember 1

| For the Ladies |
Aéropostale shiny shirt // Madden Girl closed toe shoes // Abbey Dawn flat loafer // Aéropostale neon purse // Forever 21 ring // Forever 21 tech accessory // Soup // Shot Glass Set - Mustaches
D has been supporting Movember for a while now. This lovely picture was from Movember 2011 I believe (although I'm not sure because I think I blocked this month out of my memory!) The mustache was in full force and I HATED it. I kid you not, we actually broke up over the mustache!! Looking back on it now it was all in good fun, but at the time the mustache, while raising awareness for men's health, raised awareness in me how much I hate the whole 70's adult film star look. YUCK. Love you though ; )
This years mustache is feeling more manageable, mostly because I told D it has to be a full beard or nothing at all. I actually don't mind the beard look and think D might look pretty cute rockin' the lumber jack look! Right now it's still in the beginning stages so it's nothing too drastic. Ask me again how I feel about it after Thanksgiving!
having a little penne ala vodka and white white, in my mustache wine glass of course!
So for anyone who would like to raise awareness and support men's health issues including and would like to support D and his ever growing mustache, you can check out his team's link here. Remember, it's all going to cancer research for men!

So ladies tell me, are any of you suffering through Movember like I am? 
Are your men growing 'staches for a good cause??

xo Steph


  1. haha these are cute! I'm actually heading to a "stash bash" tomorrow so I'm expecting to see mustaches EVERYWHEREEEEE! I really like that mug!

  2. super cute, love the bangles! xo

  3. I love the mustache mug! My husband hasn't participated in it...I think all that facial hair would drive him nuts!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. My man is growing one this year but I've definitely suffered through previous years! ;) And these are such awesome picks. I'm thinking my hubby would love those glasses and iphone case!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  5. I appreciate that guys are raising awareness, but I'm not a fan of facial hair on most guys. Your wine glasses are super cute though!


  6. Last year my boyfriend & his coworkers participated in Movember to raise money & awareness for prostate cancer. His stache was absolutely ridiculous!!! (probably might have broken up with him too, but I had to keep reminding myself it was for a good cause). Love all your mustache finds!

    xo Christina

  7. Specially these mustache are very amazing .


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