Baby It's {Really} Cold Outside

I don't think it's any secret that it is absolutely freezing outside. I'm pretty certain from watching the news that there have been abnormally freezing temperatures nation wide these last few days and almost everyone is suffering from the frigid cold! So what's the best thing to do on these arctic like days? Stay inside if you can, enjoy lots of hot beverages and some soup, and curl up with loved ones. And binge on Netflix if you got it! I mentioned before I've been on a Walking Dead kick (which D and I have already caught up!) so now it is on to Game of Thrones (on HBO Go, not Netflix sorry!) Anyone else watch GOT? Hello new obsession.
Baby it's really cold outside| details |
And if you have to work on these frigid days, make sure you have all the essentials. Homemade chicken soup with some fresh crusty bread and latte to heat you up heart and soul.
Stay warm friends!

xo Steph

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  1. I wish I could stay curled up in some blankets on days like this but.. work must be done. So I'm currently at work cuddled up with a comfy sweater in front of a space heater lol Stay warm!

  2. I adore that candle's smell. I actually found a dup for it at Bath and Body Works - the Champagne Toast candle smells nearly identical. I didn't realize it until I lit the candle last night. In the jar it doesn't smell the same as when it's lit.

    I am so happy the hubby made Chicken Stew on Sunday we have been downing it all week so far to keep warm. Great tips for making this cold snap a happy one girl!

    1. that's so funny - I was thinking the same thing about that Champagne candle! I have it at home and it smells so delicious when it burns and I couldn't place why I like the scent so much! thanks for helping me figure that one out Kelly! : )

  3. Days like this I really wish I could be at home, under a blanket! But since I have to go into work I've been wearing lots of layers to keep warm. That sweater and beanie both look so cozy!

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  4. GOT best show ever!! wait till you see what happens you're gonna be like WOW for days !!! Love the top btw


  5. That soup looks sooo yummy, I'm going to have to whip up a batch asap!

  6. i'm so jealous! i wish it was colder here in socal! I would love to wear some heavy sweaters and coats! while enjoying a nice warm bowl of soup!

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  8. Love the warm clothes you chose. Catching up on a lot of shows myself with this weather.
    xx, Jodi

  9. Love the sweater and the beanie. Cute post.


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