How I've been Spending my Summer Days

I've been vary fortunate to have time off this summer from work (ahhhh the perks of working in a school) so I've been using that time to catch up with friends, eat lots of good food, and visit with some of my friend's new born babies. It serisouly been the summer of babies I tell you!! Anyway, here's a little peak of what's been going on around here. 
I took a trip up to CT and finally got a chance to visit my best friend's baby. Isn't he just the cutest?? 
He has years of spoiling ahead from this auntie ;)
Also took a trip out to the country of New Jersey (yes, there is country/farm land in New Jersey) to visit with another friend and her new little one. This one called for some vino out on the deck on this lovely summer afternoon. 
 What a doll this little one is!
D and I have taken some random trips into the city for day dates. We stopped at this cute little cafe near his office that serves all locally grown and sourced veggies. So I had this little platter of all veggies (garlic mashed potatoes are veggies you know!) for dinner with a nice glass of white wine.
I could totally be a vegetarian if all my meals looked like this.
Bar wisdom.
Ain't that the truth!
Dinner with my college girls. Love getting together with them as if no time has passed!

So how have you been spending these last days of summer?

xo Steph


  1. Look how he smiles at you in that first pic! Sounds like a great summer!

  2. It definitely looks like you are having a fantastic summer, good for you!!


  3. The first loving photo make me glad . Like this first one very much .


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