HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Ok, now that I have your attention, first things first. I'm the worst. I said I was going to be blogging away this month and October has been a huge fail in that regard. Well, only a fail in that I haven't actually sat down with my computer to blog -- but a huge WIN that I did sooooo many fun things this month, I have tons of cool stuff to share with you in the next days and weeks coming up. PROMISE! So to ease myself into the blogging world, and in celebration of one of my favorite holidays, we will recap the last few years of Halloween costumes because -- Halloween costumes are kind of my thing. My jam. I just love dressing up and being someone else for the night. So take a look at years past and enjoy your Halloween weekend :)
 2010 was my first Halloween with D and I LOVED our costumes -- Popeye and Olive Oil!
 Kisses for my sweet sailor.
 That year, my brother showed up in a costume you might remember from a popular SNL skit.
I'll leave that up to you whether you catch the reference or not!
 Halloween 2011 D and I went as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario brothers. This was the year we had that weird blizzard in October -- and yet we still managed to call a cab, and head to the bar for our party like a bunch of crazy people! We went out with D's cousin and her boyfriend (who went as Publisher's Clearing House winners -- complete with giant check) and could you believe it -- they actually won the costume contest and won $500!
 This year, D and I went as us in 50 years. Basically a grumpy old couple. It was a hit at the bar and I have to say -- I was the most comfortable Halloween costume I ever wore. A mumu and slippers from Sears was clearly the way to go. D got his whole costume from our local Goodwill.
This will also be known as the Halloween of Hurricane Sandy.
The hurricane hit us only a few days after these pics were taken....
Our friends went as Double Dare -- and they really went all out. They even had fake slide to put in their helmets! Unfortunately they weren't even nominated for best costume like they were last year so that was a bummer -- boo.
Halloween 2013. EPIC WIN! I left it up to D so pick this years costume and since Guns n Roses is one of his favorite bands -- Axl Rose and Slash it was. Admittedly I was a little skeptical, but our costumes were so easy to recreate and such a hit at the bar, we even won second place at a costume contest at a local bar. I'm only slightly bitter because 1st place was $500, while 2nd place was a stainless steel cooler. An awesome stainless cooler, but at the end of the day, it is a cooler. And not filled with $500. But probably one Halloween we had the most fun!
D even brought he real guitar out to make the costume complete.
Please, no flash photography.
Our family and friends also represented with awesome costumes including Pulp Fiction and The Price is Right contestants.
At the end of the night D even got to go up on stage with the cover band to channel his inner rock star.
Welcome to the jungle anyone??

So there you have it. A round up of a few Halloween's past. Stay tuned for this weekend's costume.
Any guess what we might be?
Happy Halloween friends ;)

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