Throw an American Horror Story Party

It's no secret that I love all things creepy and scary! Ever since I was a little kid I LOVED Halloween, and loved that feeling I got when I watched scary movies and knew I was really safe, but still questioned if there was something underneath my bed that was going to grab me and yank me under. Seriously, haunted houses, old school scary movies like the 1979 original version of Halloween are the BEST! A lot of the new stuff I could take or leave (the Paranormal movies I'm totally into!) --but one I am totally loving is American Horror Story TV series on FX. Last year was its first season and it was nothing short of terrifying and exciting. Here is the promo from the first season below.
So tonight is the debut of the second season on FX with a completely different setting and plot (no longer in a house that is haunted, but rather an asylum -- seriously, does it get any more scary than an asylum?) so I'm super excited and thought it would be fun to throw an American Horror Story party. 
For anyone who loves being being scared, this party will be totally up your alley! 
Check out the new seasons promo below. Jessica Lange plays a nun at the asylum and I'm sure she's going to completely nail the part and rock the creepy role like she did last season.
FYI: for those who aren't into the creepy scary stuff, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is playing a patient in this season -- so it would def be worth looking into if you need some eye candy!
Just this picture alone creeps me out -- and I love it!
This is what I would want my front door to look like for my ghoulish American Horror Story party.
There's something about black crows that give anything an ominous feel.
 And I am seriously IN LOVE with this creepy mantel. I love all the black accents, the faux spider webs, and the b+w family picture. I'd love to add some old creepy photos of strangers to the mantle too. Like this pic below--
These are the kind of pictures that you swear you think their eyes are moving and following you as you walk by!
 And I'd love to spookify my chandelier to give it that creepy vibe.
I envision this creepy figure out in the front lawn to greet our guests and trick or treaters come Halloween night. How eerie is that thing?? Love it!
 More black crow decor.
 Black crows and skulls make the perfect ghoulish table setting for a sit down dinner.
 Tombstone serving platter from Pottery Barn. I especially love the chalk board feature so you can write whatever you want! "Here lies Jicama." haha
An eerie candelabra is necessary!
 Some fun favors for your guests including a mysterious potions, brains and frog treats!
Now this wall cling is just scary as s*#$!! Like whoa, I think that would even bring me to my creep out threshold!! But again, this would be perfect for a haunted house, or ghoulish party.
 And lastly, loving these cupcake toppers --go ahead, EAT IT. I dare you. ; )
*all images found on my pinterest*

Does anyone else love all things scary and terrifying like I do? 
And any other American Horror Story fans out there??

-Pretty Little Things


  1. that post is so interesting, good job!!
    Please give me your point in that pic, i need it to win a scholarship so please click here



  2. I also love American Horror Story! I've been counting down the days for season 2! I am sooooo excited!!!

  3. LOVE American Horror Story! Can't wait for tonight! And Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love all things scary and spooky! : )

  4. I was so intrigued by American Horror Story's ads that I'm starting it this year. I plan on DVR-ing it and watching it with the lights on. During the day. With a pillow over my face.

    The Glossy Life

  5. awesome pics !
    i love it !!


  6. Awh wow - I LOVE THIS and like you I bloody adore halloween. I bought pumpkin stickers for my windows today. I cannot wait to see series two of American Horror Story - I absolutely love the first series.

    Much Love: http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/ If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx

  7. Such an adorable idea for a party - love all of the creativity in all of the pictures. I have always liked halloween, but I am a much bigger chicken than you :)

  8. I loved the show last season! Cannot wait to see the new one!!


  9. that wall cling is crazy! it would totally give me nightmares... but it's so cool at the same time. haha


  10. What a great party idea! I definitely might have to switch my halloween party to this! xx

  11. This would be one awesome Halloween party! We have too keep our decorations pretty G-rated - my little man would freak out with that wall cling :)


  12. Sorry Ladies...your eye candy is now ARM candy and that first episode. I wasn't impressed but lets see what happens in the second episode.


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