Rainy Day

We've had a couple rainy, yucky days here in Jersey this past week and to me, nothing is harder than trying to get dressed for work when it's raining. I'd love to wear my rain boots in the office all day but clearly that wouldn't look the most professional (jealous of anyone who works at a place that can get away with this!) But really, what do you wear on a rainy day when you're trying to look polished and put together. For me, a rainy day makes me want to cozy up under a blanket and snuggle with a hot cup of tea. Since that wasn't in the cards -- I needed today's outfit to be a comfy and cozy and possible. Here are the results of my rainy day wear:
Outfit Details:
Tunic: H&M -- Scarf: H&M (last year) -- Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad
Boots: Steve Madden -- Tortoise Watch: Michael Kors -- Leather Wrap Bracelet: Tory Burch
Nail Polish: On the Film by Essie
How do you all dress for a rainy day? Anyone else crave comfy clothes?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. great scarf!!


  2. This outfit is so perfect in every way! This is my style as well! love it!!


  3. Love the watch! I'm dying for a Michael Kors watch!

    BTW, I could totally get away with wearing rain boots to work all day...unfortunalty I don't have a cute pair ;(



  4. I sooo want a MK watch, I love my Fossil one but the MK rose gold is where my heart really is!

  5. Your rainy outfit is adorable! I can get away with my rain boots at work but sometimes I'll switch to other shoes...rain boots aren't exactly the comfiest!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I love the pops of color in that scarf! I got a similiar floral one there last year as well, wishing I had yours also!



  7. it hardly ever rains here in southern cal but when it does i sooo wanna dig out my rain boots. you are right though, what do you do once you get to work in the big rubber clunky boots? it's odd to wear the indoors and then there is that whole looking professional thing.
    love your watch-i have the rose gold one and its my favorite watch!

  8. Perfect fall rainy day look...tunic, leggings, boots! Gorgeous pop of color scarf to brighten the day :)


  9. LOVE your rainy day ensemble. I hear ya about wanting to get all cozy when it's raining!!! You did a great job of styling a cute but comfortable outfit for a rainy day!


  10. Try doing bus duty out in the rain lol, it sucks! Love your scarf!

  11. Your outfit is the perfect rainy day outfit. I tend to wear my boots on rainy days and never wear pants because I can't stand getting my pants bottoms all wet.


  12. The first few days it starts raining I want comfy clothes. But then the remaining 248 days of rain in Oregon for the year demand I rock whatever I want (granted it isn't suede) so I revert back to normal life clothes again. I love your rainy day look, by the way.

  13. I agree. I want to curl up in pajamas and stay in bed all day when it rains. But this is a great way to compromise at work. And I'm with you, I'm jealous of anyone who wears their rain boots to work and can get away with it!

    Understated Classics

  14. Hi! I saw your site on BSN and liked it so much I had to follow lol I love this tunic, so chic!

  15. your outfit is perfect for a rainy day...nice boots...good watch..


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