Holiday Details & Ugly Sweaters

As I mentioned before in a previous post here, D and I moved back to Hoboken into this awesome apartment that has so much space and character -- so I couldn't wait to decorate, especially for Christmas. I have to admit though, it has been a little hectic moving in only a few weeks ago, trying to get everything set up and put together -- AND trying to decorate for the holidays. But we made it work. I plan on giving you all an official apartment tour next month when things are less crazy and I can get more done (right now our "office" is more of a "I don't know what to do with this yet so I'll stick the box in here" room. So until that gets all straightened out, I'll just give you a sneak peek of some holiday details -- followed by some ugly sweater pics of a party I went to this weekend.
Enjoy : )
Mantle in the living room. I LOVE the exposed brick here {totally a selling point for me} and with the mantle, I wanted to go with earthy browns, natural pine cones, garland and knit stockings with our initials. We also had an "incident" with a Yankee candle and a certain someone's very expensive and beloved tv which we will not speak of -- which has resulted in battery powered fake candles --much safer let me tell you!!
Winter = furry soft pillows with deer on them. Obviously.
The tree.
Some of my favorite ornaments --NY Giants and a doxie ornament that looks like our little Tiki girl!
More holiday pillows -- which in my opinion could use all year round!
My Christmas chalkboard!
Some festive garland I made with scrapbook paper and baker's twine. easy peasy!
cute vintage salt and pepper shakers my mom gave me to add a little old school charm.
legit mistletoe. Although I do miss the wannabe mistletoe D and I made a few years ago seen here.
Small holiday details in the bathroom. More handmade banners and a jar full of rubber duckies. Side note about the ducks -- D and I have this weird game where we hide these little ducks around the apartment and we have to find them (sooo weird, I know) but it's become a tradition. Not sure how or why it started but it has. So over the years we've collected these little ducks and I thought it would be cute to store them in a little glass jar in the bathroom as decoration.
Even more fun - I found Christmas ducks at Target in those dollar bins so this was the perfect edition for a little holiday cheer in an unlikely spot!
My Christmas ducks representing!
This is the second fireplace/mantle in our bedroom. I added some of my handmade banners, and a collection of other Christmas goodies. Again, I would have liked to have more time and effort in putting together a more polished look -- but since we only moved in 3 weeks ago I'll give myself a break. It's amazing I even decorated for the holidays at all now that I think about it!
More flame-less candles. Best intention ever.
This past weekend D and I went to my friend's annual Ugly Sweater/regift party. Since I've been crazy busy this month, I kinda totally forgot to find or make an ugly sweater so we were scrambling at the last minute. My sweater I found on the clearance rack at Target and D's sweater is from Goodwill for a solid $2. (which by the way, is from Gap and appears to be brand new -- so score, because he likes the sweater on him, and I think I do too!)
Now this my friends, is an ugly sweater. Well actually she's wearing a sweatshirt...but you get the deal!
For the regift portion of the night, the deal is that you are supposed to bring a regift you've gotten over the years or give away something you don't want -- and in return you get someone else's regift. It's definitely really funny to see the crap people give/get and always great for a laugh. And who knows, you might get something you actually like. Like D for example, got this porcelain tree that lit up and he actually liked it. We'll let him put that in his man cave! ; )
Me? I'm keeping my gift a secret because someone in my family might be getting a re-re-re-gift and I don't want him or her to read my blog and find out.
No worries, it's cool -- this is how my family rolls. Re-gifts are a must for our family Christmases because we love to laugh.
Group picture of the whole party. And even though I might look tipsy, I swear I was just blinking! 
But apparently the "ugly Christmas sweater" is back in style -- so you can find really cute ones everywhere. Here are some of my favorites below.

ugly Christmas sweater!


  1. my favorite is definitely the furry deer pillow :) how cute!! great pics from ur ugly sweater party!!

    XO Meghan
    $50 TJMAXX Gift Card Giveaway on the blog!

  2. That is awesome that you moved to Hoboken! I work on Park ave. The apartment decorations looks really cute! I love the chalkboard sign and the garlands.

  3. My hubby once had a candle "incident"...he wound up accidentally setting curtains on fire! The ugly sweater party looks like so much fun...I think your sweater is actually kinda cute! Happy Friday!

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  4. Steph! Everything looks great. I can't wait to see the apartment!

  5. First off, your place looks so wonderful! I love exposed brick also...and 2 fireplaces?! Love it!
    And both of you actually look super cute in your "ugly" sweaters :)
    Merry Christmas friend!
    xo - Marion

  6. You place looks awesome - 2 fireplaces is like heaven at home! Looks like a great party - you too are too adorable!


  7. I love the beautiful salt and pepper shakers. They bring such vintage Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas. xx. McKenna lou

  8. super nice photos!
    have a great weekend <3
    enjoy <3
    xxxx love

  9. We have a miniature longhaired Black and Tan doxie so I love to find ornaments or even any kind of decoration that's a black and a tan doxie. We have 3 ornaments on our tree for our Frankie :-) and I LOVE your apartment... can't wait to see more pictures!

  10. i don't see tiks stocking on that mantel, how rude. come home little girl, we have a stocking for you!

  11. I LOVE your Christmas decorations, especially the duckies in the bathroom! Too cute ;-)

    PS...that porcelain Christmas tree may be worth some money. I can't tell in the pic, but it looks like one that I have and its antique. Hold on to that!


    1. Hi AJ. How would i find out if its worth money? Any idea? Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  12. Looks like you decorated every square inch of your home....I love it! A home with charm/character is the best! It always feels cozier! The ugly christmas sweater party with the regifts is my favorite:)!!

  13. So congrats on the new apartment you two. It looks so nice especially with all the space, two fire-places and the exposed brick. It looks more like a house than an apartment. How many square feet is it?

    I love all your Christmas decorations, especially the garlands, your cute pillows and the pine cones. I wanted to decorate with pine cones this year myself (besides ornaments,) but couldn't find any cheap ones. =(

    Also both of your "ugly" sweaters are indeed cute. Love all 5 sweaters posted in that colage, too.

    Merry Christmas S & D!!

    <3 Ada.


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