Memories of Christmas Past...

Christmas is such a magical time of year with so many fun and festive things to do with family, friends, and lovers -- so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Christmas memories with you all.
This is D and my first Christmas together. So crazy in love with this kid.
Note: notice the makeshift mistletoe I made and placed above the door. That little piece of pine stayed up all year and is now tucked away in a memory box called "the tin" that we like to revisit every now and then.
Our very own Charlie Brown tree.
He was so good to us that year!
 The reason I put up that faux mistletoe ; )
 One of my favorite gifts from this Christmas was this beautiful ornament D gave me. I seriously almost cried when he gave me such a thoughtful gift (weeks before Christmas might I add!)
He was never good at keeping presents secret -- he gets too excited ; )
 This year we also went into the city {nyc} to see Wintuk, which is a cool winter/Christmasy version of Cirque du Soleil. It even snowed inside Madison Square Garden -- but we were sitting so high up we missed it! ahhh just another story to tell the grandkids! And those little souvenir mugs we got our hot chocolate are still some of favorite mugs to date -- love those little things.
One tradition we partake in is seeing the Christmas light show with D's mom at Shady Brook Farm.
The fun part of the light show is you drive through it - so we load up the car, beverages in hand, and festive hats are A MUST! An unwritten rule actually.
Of course more kisses.
And we made gingerbread houses.
look at that precision and concentration!
The finished product! We were very proud.
"you smell like beef and cheese ....you're not santa!"
We went to see Santa at the mall.
And of of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions is going to see THE tree at Rockefeller Center.
This is a must do every year.
This year was a particularly cold year....
but gotta snap that kiss in front of the tree picture in. This is one of my favorites!
The next year we went to the same Christmas tree lot in Hoboken that's at this quant restored church. Mint hot chocolates in hand, of course.
Our tree got a little bit bigger than Charlie Brown this year, but not by too much. 
This tree was maybe 3 1/2 feet tall.
family photo!
Gingerbread house decorating skills have improved.
Ugly sweater parties to attend.
Our sweaters were kind of lacking -- in reality D's sweater is simply a red WOMEN's sweater.
This is what you call, ohhh yeah we have a party in a few hours and didn't plan ahead.....where can we find an ugly Christmas sweater??
We went to see the Christmas Spectacular @ Radio City Music Hall.
D was amazed by the Rockettes -- which they are pretty impressive if I must say so myself.
Saw the tree again.
And kiss some more. Obviously.
It's what we like to do.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at my memories of Christmas past.
What are your favorite Christmas memories or traditions?


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  1. awe i love ur little charlie brown tree :)

    XO Meghan

  2. I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures--we've hosted a Christmas party with friends for the last two years and I still haven't got a single snapshot of anyone at the event! Thanks for posting these, though--hopefully they'll remind me to take a few shots at family Christmases. :)


  3. Haha I love the photo of you guys with Santa, so cute!

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  4. You two are beyond adorable!!!! Thanks for taking us down memory lane...I hope to see the Rockefeller tree one day....I bet it is so magical. Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. These photos are amazing. I love your guy's little Charlie Brown tree. It looks so cute decorated this year and I like the gifts underneath it. Your Holiday Sweater is also BEYOND GORGEOUS!! I am also loving the photos in front of the Giant Tree in NYC. Ohhh and I am also wearing a Pink Sweater, today. ;-) Check it out!!

    P.S. Please start following me - I really do appreciate it.

  6. This was fun going down memory lane-good times baby!! smooch!

  7. Great pictures! Love the gingerbread house.

    <3 Melissa

  8. Hey I remember that second gingerbread house! Such a beautiful sight! :-)


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