Pretty Little Things Holiday Bucket List : )

There's just so much fun holiday stuff to do that gets crammed into the little month of December that it can be overwhelming to try and fit everything in. In an ideal world, I would have all 25 days leading up to Christmas to indulge in some kind of festive merriment but unfortunately I have a job that takes up a majority of my time. Boo. But creating a holiday bucket list is the perfect way to keep you on track and serves as a reminder to try and accomplish all your holiday fun. Check out what's on my list below:
Pretty Little Things Holiday Bucket List

*Kiss in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in NYC (it's a tradition)
*Get a tree and decorate it
*Sit on Santa's lap
*Decorate a gingerbread house
*Bake Christmas cookies
*Roast chestnuts or s'mores
*See the light show at Shady Brook Farms. (another tradition)
*Kiss under the mistletoe (one of my favorite traditions)
*Bundle up & take a walk to look at all the Christmas lights
(and bringing the camera of course!)
*Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas (among other holiday classics)
*Get cozy by the fireplace
* have a Christmas party with family and exchange gag gifts
* Ugly Sweater party

Stay tuned in as I post about the things I completed this holiday season -- are you ready for all the festivities and merriment to come?!

What's on your holiday bucket list?


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  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are my favorite! How hilarious are they?! Admiring everyone's choices always kills me (from laughter) and I love that I get to dress in an ugly (but endearing and comfortable) sweater all night.
    With Luck

  2. I love your bucket lists, they are so cute! I agree on the ugly sweater party and I will be doing that next week, YAY! Love the pic of you two, I want to do this with my boyfriend :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. That Christmas tree picture is dreamy and the candy cane heart is adorable! I'm going to put watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on my bucket list too!

  4. I want to have an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!! ;) Love your list!! Stopping by from Shanna's link party. Have a fab day!!

  5. I am baking Christmas cookies today with my little boy. He was SO excited when I told him what we were doing.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. cute photos! i hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  7. You might want to rethink the chestnuts. My husbands family is french and we make chestnut stuff every year and they are soooo hard to peel!! :)

    XO - Lulu

  8. Love your bucket list, lovely post

  9. I think we can handle most if this stuff!! Love you and look forward to all those kisses ;)

  10. I just want to visit the Rockefeller Tree one day...kiss or no kiss! Good luck with your bucket list!!! And thanks for linking up!!!

  11. Hello! I‘ve just discovered your blog and I think I‘ll stay here!! I love yoyr list. Today, I‘ve just decorated my new xmas tree. I‘d love to kiss in front of rockefeller xmas tree, but it‘s impossible fpr me cause I live in Spain. I‘d also love to bake some xmas biscuits, but I‘m searching for the recipe. One of the things I love most in xmas time is to go round the city and buy something in the take away shops. they are very common here, and of course see the beautiful lights and decorations in street.
    By the way, follow each other??


  12. Sorry, but there is a mistake on my blog address.
    This one is correct.


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