Date Night Basket: A year of pre-planned dates.

So glad I finally got around to posting this before January ended. For Christmas because we didn't have much money, D and I decided we would have to make our gifts this year (tricky, I know). I decided to make him a date night basket with a year of pre-planned dates by me. All of which would be relatively cheaper (but more creative dates) since we're on a budget. This gift was really fun to make (and even more fun to use) and I plan on documenting the entire year of dates on the blog. 
So watch out for date night features each month as we go through our basket, and get inspired yourself to make a date night basket of your own for your hunnie!
The date night basket is a great gift for Valentine's day, anniversaries, or bridal shower gifts too!
D loved the idea (considering he is usually the one to plan our dates and do all the romantic things) and I had so much fun putting together a years worth of creative (and affordable dates). Not to mention it's a secret to D each month what we're doing -- so it definitely lends itself to creating excitement and anticipation. 
For January, I decided it would be fun to recreate the day we met, which was a cold January day in which we went bowling. Yup, you heard me. Bowling. 
The irony here is I am terrible at bowling, but as fate would have it, we both joined the same bowling team 3 years ago for something fun to do on a random Wednesday night. And the rest is history!
Each month I also included a second bonus date option that we could go on (in addition to the first date) if we feel like we have extra money to spend that month. For January, it was making pottery at this cool place where I grew up and going snow tubing. We haven't gone on the bonus date yet - but since January is pretty much over, I might make an exception and let us do it next month!
pics of his January date night invitation -- 
and now on to pictures of the date!
Although I wanted to really recreate the first date we met (complete at the ghetto bowling ally where we met) D thought it would be fun if we went into the city and bowl at one of those fancy/night club like bowling places. While this defeated the purpose of saving money -- omg this place Frames in New York's Port Authority is expensive, I mean they call it a bowling lounge -- I loved the idea so we went with. 
And this is why I love him!
Here's us in the freezing cold waiting for the bus into the city. 
Which by the way, got lost on the 15 minutes it should take to get there.
this place was definitely MUCH nicer that where we used to go....
it even had fancy food and drink menus with all kinds of artisan food. Smoked salmon while bowling?
We settled for pizza, chicken fingers and hummus. 
us being silly.
And this picture. This picture is taken from the day we met, three years ago. Who is lucky enough to say they actually have a picture of the first day they met? 
I love this, and I love how awkward and young we look.
I also love how this kid put his arm around me trying to make a move!
Very presumptuous Mr. D! ; )
And three years later. We thought it would be fun to wear the exact same t-shirts we wore.
Because we're dorky like that.

Do you like the idea of creating a Date Night Basket?

Stay tuned for February's date night on the blog: coming soon! xo



  1. awe great pics! thanks for sharing :)

    XO Meghan

    1. Admire the two of you, wish you both happiness forever. I wonder if you guys have any plans for the next few years. Can I share your great story on my FaceBook page?

  2. This is such a cute idea! You can tell that so much love went into this gift. I love the picture of you guys from 3 years ago!

    molly from littlebittyprettylife.blogspot.com

  3. Aww Im so jealous! I wish we had a picture of our first date which 5 years ago. Great idea about the dates. I love it!


  4. What a super cute idea!!! I'm definitely stealing this!!!

    Kali Now Living

  5. I love that you wore the same shirts! I love the preplanned dates idea, very thoughtful.

  6. Great idea!! I'm jumping on the bandwagon and doing the same. As a military family, we are ALWAYS on a budget. ;-)

  7. I totally pinned this from Pinterest and never got around to doing it but what a great idea. MY husband and i make an effort to do date night. It was hard when my son was first born but now it's easier, especially since we have a great sitter. Looks like you guys had a blast.



  8. I can't believe you guys still have the same t-shirts! hahah hilarious! and what a swanky bowling alley! Glad you guys had fun.

  9. This is such a good idea....i think i might do it!!


  10. Wow! You guys are amazing!
    Wish you all the best!

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  11. Ha this is so cute, I love that you have the picture from the day you met! We go to a fancy bowling place like that for work parties sometimes, and it is crazy how nice/expensive they can make a night of bowling!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  12. I absolutely love this idea and love the fact that you guys wore the same outfit again to recreate the date! So cute! My husband and I were joking about recreating our first day six years ago but neither of us felt like going to a vegas club so we just laughed about it instead.

    xo, jill
    Classy with a Kick

  13. I LOVE THIS! I was totally going to do this for my bf of almost 6 years for Valentine's day. But now I think I am going to re-create our first date, what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Can't wait for the other dates.


  14. That is the cutest darn DIY I've ever seen! LOVE IT!

  15. A new follower, and what a wonderful first post to read from you :) LOVE that you wore the same shirts!

  16. this is such a cute idea!! i want to take my bf bowling!

  17. The date night basket is SUCH a CUTE idea!!! Love this.

  18. This is such a cute idea! I would love to make this for my Mr for Valentines Day. Thanks for the great idea. xx. McKenna Lou

  19. Best gift idea ever baby!! Its the gift that keeps giving the whole year!!! Love you!!

  20. I love this idea! So fun!


  21. This's so cute, i love the idea, you have a great blog, want to follow each other ? Let me know !


  22. This is so stinking cute!!! I love the year of dates idea, I love that you two have a picture from the day you met!!! What a fun date night... and I'm loving your secondary date night idea-- I might barrow it!

    Love the blog! :)

  23. That's so creative! I bet he loved your little date plans :)
    My bf is deployed in Okinawa, Japan right now.. Maybe it's the perfect time to make some ideas of things to do when he comes back!

  24. Love the idea... so much fun!

  25. I appreciate your amazing post . So much thanks for this here .

  26. Looking brilliant . Feeling inspired to see your job , thanks .


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  28. Awww you guys look so cute together. your story was so heart touching. Now i definitely know you guys are made for each other. the food looks tasty too. May be i would go there one day. i wish both of you a happy life.thank you for sharing your story.
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