summer mantel & details

One thing that always stumps me about summer decorating and decor is that there aren't many holidays to decorate for. You know how I love my holidays! And mantels too. There's something about mantels that I love. I think George Constanza from Seinfeld can be quoted saying "If I grew up having a mantel, I think I'd be a different person." haha
Other than fourth of July where you can get a little red, white and blue happy -- I like to decorate for summer with pretty turquoise and coral colors to brighten things up. This summer-ized mantel will take me all the way until fall where I will go pumpkin/halloween crazy on this thing!! You can check out my Valentine's and Christmas mantels here and here. And also my winter mantel in this post here.
 all decor on my summer mantel were from Target -- tried to link sources but I couldn't find them online.
{lots of bright turquoise and coral accents}
and the "Bali Sunrise" scented soy candle from Target smells ahhhmazing.
 and gotta have the Dachshund candy dish too to represent our little doxie Tiki.
 books are always a great way to decorate on the cheap too. These books are D's, but any nice hardcover book works nice.
matching throw pillows are also a great way to change up your look every season. This turquoise chevron pillow was my summer pillow of choice.
 We've only been here since December and we've finally gotten around to hanging stuff up on the walls. Slackers! Here's a small gallery wall D and I put together.
and these are some of my favorite canvas art pieces we picked up a few years ago from local artists. There's just something about the trees and the colors and the different seasons I love so much.

Hope you enjoyed my my summer mantel and details around my apartment.
Happy Friday everyone -- hope you all have a wonderful weekend : )

xo Steph


  1. So cute...and I love this color combo!

  2. Very cute, perfect combo for the summer!! I love the little dog up there-- how fun!!

  3. Aww the dog candy dish is the cutest! Have a great weekend!

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  4. I love stuff by local artists. We have a lot of photos taken by our two professional photographer friends in our house!

    Love the coral and turquoise for summer.

  5. We love coral too, I've been mixing it with mint! I have to go get that Bali Sunrise candle, I'm sure it smells amazing :)


  6. I love how you decorated your mantel!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. You boyfriend must have great taste in books ;) love you

  8. Great post!! I love your décor!!


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  9. Great decorations! You have such a cute touch with everything.


  10. Nice mantle display!


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  12. So true! I love my mantel as well, but I'm not as dedicated to decorating it for different seasons as holidays as you are. :P

    Your mantel looks very pretty!


    Ana Paula

  13. Nothing better than fresh flowers in the house!

    Brooke du jour

  14. I love decorating my mantel for holidays too! You're totally right about the lack of holidays in the summer...my solution, fresh flowers. They liven up a space and smell so delicious!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  15. Wonderful photographs thats are my choice . Like these .


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