J.Crew End of Summer Sales

Why should you take advantage of J.Crew's end of summer sales? Well a few reasons....1. there are actually soooo many items that can be used for fall. Even though they are not their "new arrivals" there are so many beautiful pieces of clothing that have been out in stores for a while now, are now on sale, and are PERFECT to add to your fall shopping list.
And 2. which is something I learned from my mom -- this is the time to stock up on summer stuff while the prices are low. Yeah, you might not get much wear (if any) this season, but when next summer rolls around, you have fabulous new items ready to wear, and you got them at a fraction of the cost. I'm talking cute bathing suits, cover-ups, sandals, you name it! I'm thinking of snagging up one last bathing suit and maybe the pineapple cover-up below for the shore house vacation with my family. 
It's on sale so it's ok......right mom?
So check out my favorite picks below. All items are on sale, so get them while they have your size, because you know how fast J.Crew sales are scooped up!
This peplum top -- it's perfect for end of summer with a cute skirt or jeans and strappy heels, and it will also be perfect for fall or even winter with some boots and dressed up for a night out. Plus it's stripes, and stripes never go out of style. This is a completely classic piece.
This pretty scarf that can be worn now (I'm a huge fan of scarves in the summer), and when the weather gets chilly. I love these brights colors and aztec print too! This one is fabulous too. Can't decide which one I like more....
It's time to stock up on cute graphic tees that can we worn year round. This could be a great, versatile addition to any fall wardrobe -- and done on the cheap too! I've got my eye on this one as well, but it looks like they have limited sizes. Also perfect to wear now with shorts, and later with cardigans and leather jackets.
An embroidered tippi sweater, because well, tippi sweaters are the best. And this lovely embroidered one is perfect for a brisk fall day. And if I didn't know any better, I would think this was a new arrival.
this gorgeous floral dress. Maybe it's not the most practical, but I could totally see wearing this for an early fall wedding. And I'm the kind of person that when I find a dress I like, and it's on sale, I'll buy it even though I don't have a specific event to wear it to. And then when I do -- BOOM! I'm prepared.
How is this boucle jacket on sale right now?? Can we say perfect for fall? And they have them in all sizes right now too -- score! Let me just slip this into my shopping bag right now....
And this sweater screams autumn to me in the warm orange tones. Love this!
This one and this one also have the same autumn-y feel to them. 
And you all know how I like to be festive at all times!
The sale price on this may still be kinda pricey for most (me included) but how adorable is this sweater?
It would be even cuter if it was a doxie. Then I would be 100% SOLD!
Just as my mom taught me, now is the time to stock up on bathing suits, sandals etc. and have them ready for next summer. This adorable bathing suit  will be perfect for my end of summer beach vacation and ready to go for next summer. Also loving this adorable seahorse print. Fun fact: did you know the seahorse is the only known living species on earth in which the male is the one that carries and delivers babies? Yeah, seahorses rock!
And while we're stocking up on beach stuff for the end of summer or for next year, hello pineapple caftan! I want this cover-up with me at my shore house in LBI like now!

So yup, this is why end of season sales are awesome. You don't have to be decked out in "New Arrivals" to feel like you're rocking the freshest and newest gear. If you look around the sale items, you can totally leave with some really awesome stuff!

Anyone else love stocking up on summer stuff for next season?

xo Steph


  1. I have a post scheduled tomorrow on this very topic! I live for the end of season sales :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  2. I mean...I love all of these pieces! I've been contemplating that pineapple coverup for months!

  3. Omg that jacket is gorgeous. I've never really shopped the J.Crew end of summer sale, but I may have to this year! (:

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  4. What great finds! I absolutely love J.Crew!

  5. JCREW is my all time favorite! Jenna Lyons is a genius with their brand. I always hit up end of seasons sales, actually that is probably how I get most of my clothes. I never pay full price for anything anymore - Alecia from www.likesof.us

  6. So ncie hopefully you will increase your sales .


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