pretty little "30th" birthday

This weekend will be my 30th birthday. 30. Seriously, how did this happen? I still look in the mirror and see a young, maybe 23 year old kid. I guess that's the good genes I inherited from my parents that have left me looking like a young adult fresh out of college. I put together an inspiration board for my 30th birthday party this weekend, which I'll be celebrating with friends and family. Even though it most likely won't look anything like this (probably a dinner, drinks and some laughs) a girl can dream right?
If I were a professional party planner, this is what my 30th birthday celebration would look like:
You can also see my last birthday's inspiration board here.
1. Cute birthday invitations
2. black & white (and gold napkins)
3. amazing lace dress
4. and Louboutin heels
5. vibrant colored peonies
6. pop some pink bubbly
7. gold balloons and friends
8. food and wine

As I mentioned before,  30 is a milestone birthday meant to be celebrated. And because of this, I have decided to splurge on a fabulous birthday gift to myself! I can't decide if I should go with a bag, some amazing heels (see above), a new camera......ohhh the choices! What should I do??
And what would you get yourself if you were majorly splurging?
I need some help here!

cheers to the big 3-0!

xo Steph


  1. Shoes or camera! Happy Birthday! I remember my 30th party! I planned it myself and had all the things I love!!! Have fun!

  2. Hands down a pair of CL's! Best money I ever spent. Happy 30th!! Also, are you planning on getting on Instagram?

  3. Happy happy birthday! I'm still debating on whether or not to splurge on a dslr as a late birthday gift to myself. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I'd go for a bag - but bags are definitely my weakness! Happy 30th Birthday! Enjoy!


  5. Happy Birthday!!! If I were going to do a major splurge, I would go with a bag ;)

    Kristina does the Internets

  6. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day!


  7. Happy 30th! Mine is next month and I'm thinking the SAME thing! I would go with a new camera as the gift to yourself ;-)


  8. haha.. thats so cute..
    m sure ull have a lot of fun :)


  9. happy 30th!


  10. Thank you everyone for the sweet b-day wishes!! xoxo

  11. Happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day


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