Look of the Day: Easy, Breezy Maxi Dresses

I love maxi dresses! The great thing about them is that they are so flowy and comfortable for spring and summer don't you think? It's practically like you are wearing nothing -- and it's a throw it on and go kinda outfit -- SCORE!

Inspiration photo from Shopbop.com
Karina Grimaldi Biscot Long Tank Dress for $137.20

Dress from Target (in stores now) found here. for only $25.
Also comes in pink which is really cute!

Bag from Coach
Watch from Michael Kors
Bracelet from Tory Burch
Necklace from Tiffany and Co.
Wedge Sandals from Target (even though you can't see them) found here.
 I wanted to show off some of D's shopping finds too! Plaid shorts and tee from H+M (which by the way has great stuff for guys in my opinion, and for pretty cheap!) I think he looks pretty cute in these shorts, and I know they were a fashion risk for him so I'm glad he ended up liking what I picked out for him! : )

Anyone else have successful (or not so successful) stories about shopping for their man??
I'd love to hear from the other ladies out there!

-Pretty Little Things


  1. I love your maxi! Super cute and I am loving the plaid shorts too! I don't shop for my guy very often, but I've had good experiences so far.

    XO Kelley

    1. Thanks for the comments! I personally love shopping for my guy - I might even have more fun doing it than shopping for myself! haha ; )

  2. Great maxi! Very fun look :)

  3. I have to say we are looking pretty good here-btw-who got you that watch?!?!?!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I absolutely LOVE this dress and now am on a mission to find it! It's amazing how similar it is to your inspiration photo. Love, love love.

    1. The link up was a great idea -- we should do it again! : ) And the dress is awesome because it's so much cheaper too! Gotta love saving money!

  5. Love the dress! You look great. ;)

  6. I definitely love the striped maxi, especially the neutral tones. It looks great on you!

  7. I love this dress from Target! I think it is so stylish! Sadly I haven't seen it my Target...


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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