Summer Bucket List #21 - Berry Picking

I officially accomplished the first thing off my Summer Bucket List. This past weekend we went strawberry and pea picking. Yes, that's right I said pea picking! I never knew you could pick for peas, and I don't particularly like peas, but I'll always find an excuse to eat fresh fruits and veggies picked straight off the vine. Here are some picture we took from Seiple Farms.
 Mutant strawberry.
The perfect berry.
The sell them for free?  Haha sign FAIL!
just like two peas in a pod <3.

Looks like we'll be eating strawberries for a while....
 Later that night we had fresh strawberry shortcakes with homemade shortcakes and whipped cream.  
And the past few mornings I've been having my usual breakfast (1 whole wheat waffle topped with peanut butter and bananas) and substituting in fresh strawberries instead. So delish!

Anyone have any good suggestions/recipes for strawberries?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Oh my goodness, that strawberry shortcake looks absolutely divine!! YUM!!! :)

    1. There's nothing like fresh picked fruits and veggies -- seriously tastes so much better!

  2. Those strawberries look absolutely divine! I always indulge in eatng strawberries over the summer, but have never picked them.
    Looks like fun :)

    1. you definitely have to add berry picking to your to-do list -- so much fun! and fresher too!

  3. I ate too many berries :(

    1. yes you did baby! and I've eaten my fair share all this week! : )


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