Fourth of July/Lobster Bake

If I had a huge house of my own (hopefully one day in the future) I would love to entertain ALL THE TIME. And if money were no object I think I could be a pretty good hostess, entertainer and party planner. With that being said, here's what my Fourth of July // LobsterFest would look like.
All images were found on my Pinterest.
Enjoy : )
This was the original inspiration board that got me wanting to throw an annual lobsterfest party.
So why not combine lobsterfest into a July 4th celebration with friends?
What my formal table set-up might look like. Love the star fish!
And here's a more casual table set up. 
Love the crab plates and the mini boat filled with ice cold beers.
Cheddar cheese biscuits inspired from Red Lobster. YUM!
Oh Yes!
Lobster wine glass charms. How cute are these?
Especially with lobster inspired words like claw and tail!
I love this Fourth of July wreath for two reasons:
1. It incorporates my love of anything chalkboards.
2. Its made up of those little umbrellas you put in tropical drinks. Fantastic!
And for dessert we have patriotic cupcakes in the design of the American flag.
Love the mix of blueberry, strawberry and coconut topped cupcakes : )
And some red, white chocolate, and blue sugar dipped strawberries...
gorgeous frosted cake.
And of course, no party is complete without a s'more station to use over the open fire.
I just love the presentation here!
And last but not least, some patriotic nails for the hostess with the mostess...
And I'm kinda of LOVING this adorable lobster cashmere sweater. 
I would totally wear this to host my July 4th lobsterfest : )

Does anyone have fun planned for this July 4th?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. This all looks heavenly! I don't even like lobster but yet I would be wiling to like it to attend an event like this!

  2. Love your blog and love all these things! It makes me want to bake a bunch of things for the 4th!


    1. Thanks for the comments MacKenzie! Hope you continue to read : )

  3. Super cute post! I just did a 4th of July post yesterday and actually included those strawberries, they look so delicious, but I'm too lazy to make them this year - haha! Have a Happy 4th of July!


    Now Following!

    1. Love having new followers - thanks for stopping by!
      and seriously, those strawberries look so amazing! I'm already hungry for tomorrow's festivities : )

  4. OMG, the cheddar biscuits from RL are the bomb-diggity! And yes, they would go so well with some lobster, nom, nom ...

  5. Such fun entertaining ideas! Loved the nautical mani..

    Lindsay @

  6. This makes me want to do this all! What a great idea.. I am loving the nails!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am now following you
    Janelle @ htpp://www.glamorousmama.com

  7. Yup, definitely love those nails! Haha. They look familiar :) cute blog!

  8. this post made me hungry... cute sweater, by the way! :)


  9. Oh my gosh these details are all so pretty! I love those nail, feeling inspired to put my own spin on it now.

    xx Jenee C.

  10. I just love all of those photos, especially the lobster wine glass charms, that yummy looking cake, and that adorable lobster sweater with scalloped shorts! Fabulous!

    <3 Jenny

  11. It looks like a perfect Fourth of July celebration!!


  12. I like very much your style!
    It is this style which we like seeing and which we look for to " The Select and Cy "
    Be going to make it a small tour has the opportunity.

  13. holy good lord above
    craving everything about this.
    This is such an amazing post! I, too, CANNOT wait until I'm rich and able to entertain exactly the way I want to. No chex mix, no cheetos - Lobster, baby. I am so fricken obsessed with Lobster (that I capitalize it, ;) ) , and I live across from a place now in Paris but cannot afford it. Really cruel move of fate.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these red white blue and lobster-themed photos. I adore them!
    I hope you're very very rich one day! I'm sure you will be.


  14. hey, great blog!!!! really like it... want us to follow each other??? let me know please...

  15. OK this would be such a great feast! Love all the ideas. I'm having a you choose cashmere giveaway on my blog, please pass by and enter I think you'll love it.


  16. Love your lobster sweater! Great blog :)



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