what's inspiring me lately....(And bonus award)

Just thought I would share some pictures of things that are currently inspiring me right now.
All image were found on my Pinterest. You can follow me there too! : )
I want to have a wine and cheese party. How amazing does this setup look?
I saw these DIY mugs and instantly thought, that's perfect for me and D!
Can you guess which one of us likes coffee and who like the green tea?
And this little wonder! How amazing would it be to have this little "clubhouse" in your backyard for an adult place to retreat? I always wanted a tree house and never got one - and this one might make up for all those lost years!
Framed for the bedroom? So girly and sassy!
Breakfast in bed? yes please!
I want little bento boxes like these to savor my morning delightfulness!
Pretty chevron print earrings.

Hot pink peonies -- because why not? They are gorgeous!

on another note......

I was honored to be nominated the versatile blogger award by Skylette over at Sequins & Stilettos - what a doll she is! Please check her out, she has amazing style and class : )

The rules for accepting this award are the following:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you

2.  Link to their site

3.  Include the award image in your post

4.  Give 7 random facts about yourself

5.  Nominate other bloggers for the award – link to their site – let them 

know they’ve been nominated!

So here are 7 random facts about me 
(you can find even more facts here)

1. I love getting stuff in the mail. I seriously get five magazine subscriptions in the mail and thinking of signing up for Birchbox or some other type of monthly subscription. Who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail??

2. I love books. I collect books. I hope to have a huge library in my house one day. Maybe one that looks like this. I love the smell of them and the accomplished feeling I get when I hold a finished book in my hands. And for that reason, I will never own a Kindle or any other e-reader.

3. Fall is my favorite time of year. Football, wearing sweaters, boots and jeans, pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween, the feel of crisp fall air and the smell of burning leaves - I. Love. It. All. 

4. I'm half Filipino, and the other half a mix of Irish, Ukrainian and German. 
Talk about being a mutt! I prefer the term exotic though ; )

5. I might be slightly addicted to sushi. D and I have it at least once a week.

6. I love seafood. And I'll never pass up a trip to Red Lobster for those Cheddar biscuits -- mmmmm don't judge me!

7. I have a stuffed Koala named Kelly since the day I was born. I love and she still has her designated spot on my bed : )

And I wanted to nominate the following lovely ladies for this award:

Hope you all enjoyed my little inspirations today!

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Looks really inspirational :)))

  2. Love the mugs and tree house congrats on award

    Totally following u now


  3. That clubhouse is adorable and the peonies absolutely beautiful (quickly becoming my fave flower)! Congrats on the award and I love the random facts!


  4. That first picture looks like heaven. Now I want to have a wine and cheese party!!

    xo Ashley

  5. This post makes me want to eat cheese, haha! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Thanks so much for the award! I LOVE getting stuff in the mail too, especially packages :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Love your pinterest photos! I just joined and I am obsessed...I pin everything. I can totally relate on the books as well. Even though I borrow most of my books from my mom and therefore don't have a huge collection, I love the feeling of flipping through pages and holding a book while reading. I have to have something tangible...its part of the reading experience!


  8. I've always wanted to have a library too! My childhood dream was having a library like beauty and the beast haha
    I'm also in love with those earrings!
    Congrats on your award =)

  9. what beautiful peonies...I just adore peonies!

    btw thanks for the comment! following you now - hope, you'll drop by sometime and follow me back :)


  10. yummy I'm craving that cheese now :p

  11. I love seafood too! Thanks for sharing all of the bits about you that we didn't know.

    Quiet Luxury

  12. Love those cups and omg adore that photo! Wine and cheese party? Yes, please! xo


  13. Hello! i like your blog! Im following you now on GfC and Bloglovin:) if you like my blog follow me please!



  14. your photos are inspiring!! a wine and chew party rocks!! congrats on your award..always fun to know about fellow bloggers...i am a reader and book collector too.
    i am also your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  15. Congratuations on the awar! These are great photos, and I love the chevron earrings :) In my recent Harper's Bazaar magazine they photographed several editorials on chevron flooring. It was a really cool effect.

  16. I'm with you on the wine + cheese party, and I love that pretty pink print!

  17. Thanks for nominating me! It's so exciting to be recognized like that! And I am so hungry for wine and cheese right now....

    Understated Classics

  18. Congrats on the award. I love a proper cheese platter! -xo Hope you enjoy your wkd.

  19. Love that first picture! I would love to have a wine and cheese party too. Think I'll go pour a glass now!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  20. love your blog <3 It's really fantastic <3 may we can follow each other? :D

  21. such pretty inspirations! thanks so much for following my blog, I'll follow back when I get back from vacation and on a real computer! <3

    XO Sahra

  22. I just want to thank you again (I thanked you on my blog)for nominating me for the award, thanks sooo much!!:)


  23. love love love the cheese platter. i have a slate one from crate & barrel that i write on with chalk. i love it!!

  24. so many great ideas!


  25. Congratulations on your blog award! I also love getting stuff in the mail esp. packages with pretty things :) Those peonies are totally gorgeous!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  26. Congratulations on the award! And I love all the pictures. The little flags on the cheese are so cute!

  27. Sometimes I feel like pinterest reminds me that I am not very stylish as far as my living spaces go.

  28. I love ALL of these pictures. p.s. That 3 pepper colby jack?? I'm drooling.

    Love your blog :)


  29. cute 'lil clubhouse, I wanna own one someday :)
    Love your blog too.
    xx shey


  30. Great photos! The cheese platter looks amazing and I would definitely LOVE to have a clubhouse like that in backyard, it's so cute and home-y looking.

  31. My favorites are 1) the DIY mugs 2) the clubhouse & 3) the chevron earrings. Lovely finds!


  32. I have been loving cheeses lately. Well, always have, but especially now. Love the first photo...


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