A look back: Part 3

This is the last and final installment in my look back of my favorite outfits from 2012. The one cool thing I've found about having a style blog is that its such a cool way to look back at yourself and see how your style (and you personally) have evolved over time. Plus its just really fun to remember all the fun things you've done -- and all the awesome clothes you've worn.
It's fun to see that D and I have also had some great couple outfits and "blogworthy" moments we can look back on.
I'd say I did pretty good for myself as a first time style blogger -- can't believe I'll be coming up on one year this February!
 Which look is your favorite?

Cheers, 2013! Can't wait to see what's in store for us this year ; )



  1. Nice outfits during 2012 :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like such a fun and fashionable year! Can't wait to see more in 2013!!

    xo Ashley

  3. ohhhh, this has been fun to look at. you always look great girl!

  4. Can't wait to see more style and outfits in 2013!

    The Glossy Life

  5. I always love when bloggers reflect on the style of the past year. I, too, decided to do such a post this year. Here: http://elegancepersonification.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-fashion-resume-and-best-outfits-of.html

    Out of this last Post of Favorite Looks, my favorites were: Stripped Mini Dress, the Colorblock Sweater, the Sky Blue Cocktail Dress, the Black Blazer + Camel Sweater, the Stripped Tee + Jean Jacket, the Heart Sweater, and the Pencil Skirt w/ Ruffled Purple Blouse/Mustard Cardigan.

  6. I love the second to last look: you in a color block sweater and D in tan sweater. Love it!!


  7. Awww I love recap photos :) I was looking at this post and I just love your accessories. Love that bright teal bubble necklace!


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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