hello 2013!

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Who would have thought we survived the 2012 Mayan calendar into another glorious year? Crazy right?! The endings of anything always leaves me with a bittersweet feeling -- sad to let go of wonderful memories but happy to move forward, live life to the fullest and create wonderful new experiences. I'll also be happy to leave a lot of 2012 behind me -- between the hurricane, tragic shootings and many personal struggles in my own life -- I do welcome a fresh start and hope for better days to come.

I have to admit, one thing I am most excited about is the direction my blog will be taking. Starting this life + style blog has been so much fun for me and has not only been an enjoyable hobby, but I hope for it to one day become a successful business venture (hey, we can dream right?)
I want to get started right away but just wanted to share with you a few things you will be seeing from Pretty Little Thing's in the new year.

What you'll see from PLT this year:
  • More outfit posts and looks of the day
  • I'll continue taking you shopping in my "Shopping with Pretty Little Things" series
  • More Entertaining posts on how to throw awesome parties -- including menu ideas, decor, recipes and other fun goodies
  • More home decorating/apartment renovations posts of my adventures as I decorate our new home
  • room by room tour (once we finish)
  • More cooking -- I'll be putting all my cookbooks to good use!
  • Thinking about putting together a new style series of pieces every woman must own (more on this later)

Happy 2013 everyone and I hope you'll continue on this blogging journey with me : )



  1. Can't wait to see what's coming from you in 2013!


  2. Yay for your plans in 2013! Happy New Year to you!

  3. I'm excited to see your upcoming plans! Your outfits are always super cute!

  4. I agree with you girl! Looking forward to a fresh start! Wishing you the best in 2013! Excited to see your upcoming posts:)!

  5. Your New Plans for 2013 sound great. I also want to do a lot more than just Outfit Posts in 2013. For more check out my Fashion Resume of 2012 Post. =)

    Happy 2013 Steph!! Looking forward to everything you got going on this year.


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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