New Years weddings & resolutions

This New Year's eve D and I were invited to a wedding -- and I was actually extra excited because it meant that we didn't have to find something to do for NYE, instead a fabulous night was already planned for us. As much as I love New Year's Eve, there is a level of stress in finding something to do and of course making that NYE a magical night. But we all know in reality, this night may or may not live up to our expectations.
But this year, my old roommate was getting married and I knew a magical night was already planned a year in advance. Here's some pics from the night.
Outfit Details:
Dress: Express (last year) // Bracelet: Express // Necklace: Boutique in Hoboken
Watch: Michael Kors // Heels: Michael Kors
the decor was everything black, silver, glittery and sparkly -- all my favorite things!!
After saying their vows and being officially announced husband and wife -- they completed an old German tradition of having to complete their first difficult task as a married couple. The task was to saw a log in half (complete with a custom painted saw with their names on it, and matching Mr & Mrs. aprons). I have to say -- I have NEVER seen anything like this at a wedding before and it was such a fun thing to watch. Granted I was waiting in horror for her to rip her dress or something but they completed the task with nothing more than a little sweat and some upper body strength!
Now that my friends, is a couple who's in it to win it!
A picture of the beautiful newlyweds.
Once the clock hit 11:00 we switched from wedding reception to full-on new year's count down mode. They gave everyone fun hats, sparkly crowns, necklaces, noisemakers -- you name it!
We celebrated the start of 2013 in style! I know have secretly (or not so secretly) decided that if I ever get married -- New Years Eve might be a very fun night to save the date and get hitched! ; )

In addition to sharing my new year's eve wedding post, I thought it would be fun to share some of my resolutions. I know everyone has their feelings about resolutions -- and I for one, am for them! I know January 1st is really just another day, but there is something to be said for starting new habits at the beginning of a new year to symbolize a fresh start. 
I love fresh starts so here are some of mine:

1. Make better efforts to keep in touch with friends & family
This is something I've always been bad at. I have so many wonderful friends and family that I don't keep up to date with -- simply because I don't pick up the phone and call them. Well that all ends in 2012. Phone calls, texts and emails are coming your way people!! It's time to reconnect and nurture the relationships I do have.
2. Healthier lifestyle
The old standard of resolutions. I am a junk food junky, and while I will I openly admit it, I'm certainly not proud of it. I'm going back to eating as "real" as possible and using a food journal to track everything (yes, every.single.thing) I eat in the day. I used to do this all the time and found it very effective in that it kept me accountable for what I ate. Remember that small little hand full of potato chips you ate -- yeah, you have to write that down too!
3. Wear lipstick
Yes, you heard me right! I heard someone talking about it on the radio the other day and thought this was a fabulous idea. As silly as this resolution might be -- I am vowing to wear lipstick. I've always been afraid of it and that wearing it will make me look like a clown -- but I'm not afraid anymore!
As a result, I've already purchased my first three shades: a classic red, a vampy burgundy and a nude.
4. Do my hair more
Kind of goes along with #3 -- but I'm making a resolution to put more effort into my hair. I got my hair "done" for the wedding (see above) and I just felt more confident and pretty. So I went out and purchased  a set of jumbo curlers (yes, the old school kind that your mom used to use) and hoping to get some nice results.
5. Enjoy the present moment
I am a perpetual daydreamer and planner so sometimes I catch myself not enjoying what's right in front of me because my head is somewhere in the clouds. In reality, the now is all we have. When you think about it, the history no longer exists except in our memories and the future has yet to be created. The moment that currently surrounds us is all we have. Even though I am a planner by nature, I want to celebrate where I am in life, at this very moment instead of being so focused on where I'm going and where I want to be.
Where I am right now, is something to be celebrated and savored.
6. Love D more
Inside and out ; )

With that being said -- I'm truly looking forward to everything 2013 has in store for me.
Anyone else doing New Year's resolutions?



  1. That is so fun that they had a NYE's wedding! I love your sparkly dress. I too am afraid to wear lipstick, so maybe your resolution will encourage me to try it again :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Datevitation Giveaway!

  2. You guys looked so cute at the wedding!
    I'm a huge lover of lipstick, but Dean HATES when I wear it. I went with a red for NYE and he asked me if I had accidentally mistaken NYE to mean Halloween. Nice.

  3. You & D are such an adorable couple! I love to attend weddings where the incorporate something different. Looks like you guys had a great night. May your 2013 be filled with much love & happiness!


  4. Love the NYE wedding! You and D looked fabulous! I don't wear lipstick much either, but will never be caught without carmex. ha!


  5. This wedding looks so fun, I have never heard of a couple having to complete their first difficult task together! It's so funny that they sawed through a log together.

    i'm trying to wear lipstick more this year too, bought my first one last week!


    Kristina does the Internets

  6. you looked great! but where are the pics of the shoes?! happy new year to you!


  7. I've always thought getting married on NYE would be so much fun too! But we got married in September for some reason : / Hahaha! You look absolutely stunning and I am loving your resolutions!

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year. xx. McKenna Lou

  9. Of course I love all you resolutions but I love the last one the most!!! Love you in 2013 (inside and out!)

  10. you are very beautiful! :*


  11. what a fun idea (to have a wedding on new years that is). i'm also going to be working on living a healthier life style i need to lose this baby weight!


  12. A wedding on New Years sounds like so much fun! You looked gorgeous!

  13. I love the idea of a wedding on NYE - that way you easily bring together all your friends and family and it takes the guesswork out of planning anything! You all looked wonderful.

    Alexandra xo


  14. What a cool wedding, the NYE, the sawing the log in half, I am so glad you attended and had the chance to celebrate.

  15. What a fun idea to have a wedding on NYE! I agree that it is always a little difficult to pull together plans. I had an excuse this year being uber pregnant and all :)
    You look absolutely gorgeous btw...LOVE everything about your look.
    xo - Marion

  16. That looks like so much fun...
    Love your hair.
    And yeah, me too,
    I need to plan exciting things and goals for this year.

  17. Gorgeous wedding. You guys look great as always. Love the resolutions! !


  18. That is the best idea, get married on NYE!!! What a blast!

  19. I love your "wear lipstick" resolution! I want to try to wear brighter colors more often myself! xo


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