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It's no secret -- I love food, and I love eating. There, I said it. It's nothing to be ashamed about. However, when you are trying to lose some winter weight to get ready for your vacation {more on that later} it can be frustrating. Food restriction and dieting {ugh the D word} is just gross and no one wants to do it. 
Right now I've decided to get back into a work out routine (4-5 days a week) to supplement my love of food. I'm hoping to see some results and I'll be posting some work out tips from a non-workout person soon. But for now......enjoy the food post. 
I noticed a heart carved into our table when D and I went out for dinner the other night. Sushi love. 
there's nothing like sushi to really hit the spot, and not leaving you feeling disgustingly bloated.
brunch is one of our favorite meals. and when D orders his steak and eggs, I always make sure to sample : )
cappuccino with cinnamon. yum!
you can never go wrong with fresh fruit and a little powdered sugar!
a few weeks ago we went over to D's aunt and uncles house for dinner. His uncle is a chef and owns his own restaurant {shout out to the Italian Cucina in New Hope, PA} so needless to say, we get nothing less than 5 star meals when we're visiting. Seen above is fresh asparagus soup.
followed by homemade fettuccine alfredo made from scratch. This one had a lot of freshly ground black pepper so it gave the dish a nice kick.
raspberry mouse.
and the desserts.....oh, the desserts.
we celebrated D's belated birthday too with a coconut/vanilla cake which was seriously to die for.
Yup, we had cake among the other desserts seen above. We had to be rolled out that night.
and the first brunch you can eat outdoors at one of our new favorite brunch spots. This is something to celebrate. 
Seriously spring, where have you gone??

Hope you enjoyed the food lovin' and hope you all have a lovely day!

xo Steph


  1. This post is making me so hungry! All those desserts look amazing.

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  2. Yum! It all looks amazingly good. I'm a lover of all things food, so i understand what you're talking about.

  3. All those pictures of food is making me hungry. Everything looks delicious.

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  4. Oh my g shouldn't have looked at this before lunch haha ;) Good luck on your workout routine!

    Kristina does the Internets

  5. That cappuccino looks delicious... and that fruit! YUM

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  6. It all looks so good. I think I gained 5 pounds looking at these pictures. :)
    Thanks for sharing your special family moments.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Polka Dotting'. I would love to read your thoughts.



  7. Is that first picture lima beans?

  8. Oh my gosh. The sushi is making my mouth water. I'm pregnant and can't have it at the moment...but I swear it's one of the first things I'm going for!

  9. That sushi looks so amazing! I wish there was a good sushi place near where I live! I've got a mega craving now ;)


  10. Love the new blog look! I am definitely one of those who will not stop eating my favorite foods so I have to up the workouts too. But sometimes I get lazy. Ugh.


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  11. One of each please! This has got me especially craving sushi and edamame now!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah


  12. It all looks great - it made me even more hungry (as I eat my breakfast!)
    xx Annette

  13. All this food is making me hungry. Looks very yummy and love your site layout :)

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    The Lovely Lives

  14. ok i love food and that all looked sooo good! especially the sushi! YUM!

  15. YUM! Anytime I see a photo of sushi during the daytime, chances increase greatly that sushi will be my dinner that evening :)
    And I'm right there with ya in trying to gear up for a summer body. Looking forward to your workout posts as motivation!
    xo - Marion

  16. I totally want a big old steak right now. Ha!

  17. every plate looks so delicious especially the sushi...yum!

    Love Me to Pieces

  18. Every time I come to your blog I'm surprised by the design (like I've never seen it before...only I have lol)! I really love it! It feels like a chalkboard and I want to write on it all day long! Food....my weakness too!

  19. Yum yum yum, I want to eat it all! Good luck with the workout schedule, so need to implement one myself


  20. Looks delicious - especially the edamame! I'm a new follower and love your blog, so glad I came across it!

    - Kathleen

  21. The cappuccino and the deserts look amazing! Just followed you! xo


  22. Yummy recipe items . Thank you guy for shared such testy food concepts with us .


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