{Momma's Day Weekend}

We finally got some nice weather this weekend and seriously, it's about time!! Is it just me, or has the cold winter lingered a little too long and worn out it's welcome. Luckily Sunday was a gorgeous spring day that I've been craving and the perfect day to celebrate all those amazing mommas out there (mine being the best -- of course!).We had a sit down lunch/brunch kinda thing at this restaurant and country inn called {The Stroudsmoor} which was a full out buffet so you can imagine that I did what most people do at a buffet -- got my money's worth. Hence the flowy sundress that allowed for the food/tummy expansion ; )
 Outfit Details
Jean jacket: Old Navy {same} // Dress: Old Navy, last season {similar} // Heels: Nine West {similar}
Sunglasses: Loft {similar} // Bag: Louis Vuitton {here}

 I also have to note, D usually dresses up for family outtings and is typically known for his sharp suits. As we were getting ready for lunch, we was putting on a shirt and tie and me, the fashion blogger, yet considerate girlfriend that I am says, "babe, why don'y you just wear a nice polo shirt and be comfortbale. This place isn't THAT fancy, and it's going to be nice out. So wear short sleeves."
So he does.
And my brother and father (who isn't known for dressing up) both are wearing shirts and ties.
D is mad. I'm at fault.
Oh, the irony. 
 me and my lovely momma. Don't we look like twins??
Only the best flowers for my momma. Pink peonies are my favorite and their fragrance is amazing.
I also love those full blossoms -- so pretty. And the purple flowers (lilac I think?) are incredibly fragrant as well.
I stole this picture from Jenn at {With Luck Blog} of all the lovely ladies. Jenn is dating my brother Dean, and this was the first time our moms met -- so it was definitely a special day. 
I've been so incredibly busy -- I know I mentioned before that my busy season at work is over (at least until September) but for some reason I feel like I can't catch up. Ugh work, you're for the birds. Why can't we have all that free time we used to have in college? I guess that's the life of a working adult. But I digress. 

Happy Wednesday all! 

xo Steph

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  1. Cute photos!


  2. That dress is so perfect for brunch! Haha oops that everyone else was wearing suits/ties.

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  3. Great pictures. Looks like you guys lots of fun.



  4. I'm so glad we were able to all get together this weekend! We'll definitely have to do something again soon. I hear we can go strawberry/pea picking! hahha :-)

  5. Your dress is so pretty! Sounds like you all had a great weekend!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. You and your mom really do look a ton alike! Peonies have started becoming some of my favorite flowers. They are gorgeous. And yes!! thank goodness for this beautiful weather.

  7. Free time in college?! I worked fulltime 40 hours per week and ways took 16-20 credits per semester...... I didnt know what free time was ;-)

  8. you and your mom are too cute! definitely twinsies :)
    lovely flowers- you can never go wrong with peonies.

    Love Me to Pieces

  9. Steph your mama is seriously adorable! I could just tell that she has such a special soul! So glad the weather was warmer and you got to enjoy the day with your mom! What a beautiful floral arrangement! I love your outfit too!

  10. Let me say I was in no way "mad" but maybe "disappointed.". If anything I am greateful for everything she has done for me and my style. Love her and thanks for always checking me before I leave the house. :)

  11. A perfect day for me. You guys made my day.thank you all for coming. love you. Grola

  12. I adore your outfit. I really dig the dress with the denim jacket, super cute!

  13. Cute outfit :)

    I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

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    Kisses from Zurich,


  14. I really love your outfit! Your dress is so nice and springy, and I love that color. Great shoes too!

  15. Capable photography . I'm inspired after seeing your post .

  16. you have such a lovely family. they are so caring and D looks so handsome. Hes a keeper <3 . i wish you guys happiness. thank you for sharing.
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