memorial day weekend in philadelphia.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner. The long weekend seemed to linger into the week and now it's Wednesday, or is it Thursday?! -- and I haven't found the chance to put up pictures from my weekend. I have to admit something right now....as much as I love and adore this little blog, and I love sharing bits and pieces of my life on here, it's nice not to feel pressured to post EVERY DAY, and worry about "getting something new up" on the blog. If I get to it, I get to. If I don't, I don't. And I'm not going to stress about it. I've found this amazing thing happening where I wasn't as focused on documenting my life as I was living my life -- do you know what I'm saying? I do love blogging, but I also love living in the moment. So if that means I blog less in return of really being in the moment and living in the  now -- than bring it on! I'm not saying I won't be blogging anymore (far from it) but I want to bring more authentic posts which are created by living a more authentic life. And let's be honest. Not everyday is really blogworthy. Yup, I'll admit it. Nobody wants to see the days where I'm blogging in my sweatpants eating macaroni and cheese out of tupperware. Or do they?
Anyway....on to the weekend recap!

This little weekend getaway was spent in Philadelphia -- which was a home to both D and I before we met, which was why I thought it would be a cool idea to explore the city together. We stayed in the "Old City" section which is full of history and colonial buildings and cobble stone streets. 
stopping for milkshakes at an ice cream truck is definitely a must!
We stayed at this Bed and Breakfast called Penn's View Inn, which was just adorable. They actually booked us the wrong room, so when I nicely asked about it -- we got upgraded to the honeymoon suite --SCORE!
Hello high ceilings, fire place and jacuzzi tub!!
A view of the Ben Franklin Bridge (going into Camden, NJ) from Penn's Landing.
Because it was Memorial Day weekend, they had tons of historical reinactments taking place out on the streets. Ufortuntatly the lines to see the liberty bell were going down the block, so we opted out of that one, and just took in the sights of the free statues and memorials.
We spent most of the afternoon browsing cool little shops, vintage book stores, music stores and antiques.
cute little doxie made out of metal scraps.
later we went back to the B&B to shower and get ready for dinner.
D actually bought this dress for me a few weeks ago all by himself (what a doll he is) and did a great job in my opinion! It's the perfect summer dress because it's light and airy.
mango mojito made with vodka instead of rum. This is my kind of drink!
You can't go wrong with a dinner made up entirely of appetizers ; )
I've been so bad with remembering to photograph my outfits (remember the whole living in the moment thing)
but this is the closet thing I got to it. 
Outfit Details
Denim jacket: Old Navy (here) // Striped tank: Old Navy (similar) // Maxi skirt: Target (similar)
This was a Bed and Breakfast after all, so breakfast shots were a must.
One of my favorite things was the make your own waffle bar, complete with liberty bell imprinted waffles...AMAZING!
cute little egg cups -- which we might have taken as souvenirs.... ; )
Lunch was the most tasty Kobe beef burgers that were cooked inside a pizza dough crust, and baked in an oven. Sooooo delicious, especially with the pickles and "special sauce" -- which I'm pretty sure was fry sauce, aka ketchup and mayo mixed together. Nevertheless, so good paired with a side salad and some salt and pepper fries.
This post just made me realize how much we I love eating. We stopped at this famous ice cream shop called The Franklin Fountain -- which, would you just look at that long list of ice cream flavors!! Aside from that is was also a soda bar, served by soda jerks. What is a soda jerk by the way?
Our last stop before heading home was the Philadelphia Zoo. I haven't been there since I think a second grade field trip, so it was fun to do it together. My favorite animal by far was this rare and endangered monkey (see above) called a Douc Langur -- which had these really weird human like qualities, but also looked liked the fake monkeys from the original Planet of the Apes movie. The Philadelphia Zoo is the only zoo to have this endangered species in all of North America -- pretty cool fun fact of the day.
and lastly, just a fun photo as I mess around with some cool new apps.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend yourself, and remember -- it's okay to step away from your computer and live in the present moment. You and your blog will be better for it!

xo Steph


  1. What a fun weekend! I'd love to go there for a weekend and check it out!

  2. Lovely pictures! Looks like you had a very nice time with good weather :)
    Kallie http://butfirstcoffeeblog.blogspot.com/

  3. How awesome that you got upgraded to the honeymoon suite...living large :) It's a great idea to just blog when you want to and focus more on living life rather than always needing to document it. I'm totally guilty of it too.

    The Tiny Heart
    Bracelet Giveaway!

  4. It looks like you guys had a really good time! I can completely relate to the idea of living over posting. I try my best to post 5 times a week because it's fun to get my ideas out. (Dean doesn't like listening to my weird ramblings all of the time haha)But when I miss a day, I miss a day. Life comes first!

  5. This brings back such good memories for me of our time spent living in south jersey and we were just across the Betsy Ross bridge from Philadelphia. It is such a great city :-)

    1. awesome! it really is a great city. I'm glad I only live a few hours away now so I can always go back and visit!

  6. This looks like such a wonderful outing with your man! You look lovely in all of these pictures. xx. McKenna Lou

  7. The pictures are amazing. Both your outfits are fabulous!!!

    Don't forget to join my Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday LInk Up.



  8. It looks like you had a great time, Old City is one of my favorite places in Philly!

  9. looks like such a fun trip! i would love to visit philadelphia one day!

  10. what a fun weekend! love the zoo and that food look sooooo good!

  11. Looks like you had fun! Love the pictures.

  12. Looks like you two had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Just curious...what is the new app you used in the last picture? I have tons of pix on my phone, and would love an app to jazz them up.

    1. I used two apps for that pic -- a beautiful mess and be funky. hope that helps!

    2. Awesome...I'll have to go check those apps out. Thanks so much!:)

  13. What a great trip! Looks like you were able to pack lots of memories into the weekend, so no one can blame you for forgetting outfit pics! Good job to D though for picking up that cute white dress for you!

  14. this looks like a fab weekend. You should be able to enjoy it without feeling pressures to post super fast. Good for you!! =D

  15. Looks like a phenominal weekend girl!! Hope you had a wonderful time!! Always enjoy looking at your pics!


  16. Your man picked out that dress all by himself?! WOW!! Love it! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend, that burger looks amazing too!


  17. new to your blog. i love it. too cute.


  18. Looks like a great time! And yes to living the life now!!!


  19. Wow! This looks like SOOO much fun! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  20. what a fun trip! i've been to philly once, but we didn't go to the zoo, so i'm jeal!

  21. Lovely pictures!!!

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  23. Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend. Beautiful Pictures. Love the White Maxi Dress & the Maxi Skirt paired with that Gray Stripe Tank.

  24. Beautiful to see these all photographs . Great thanks for shared .


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