mother's day: goodies & brunch ideas

For anyone who is still scrambling to put together a mother's day gift -- here are some of my favorite picks. What do you get for the woman who has everything?? Whether you get a gift, send a card, make a phone call, or take your momma out to lunch -- remember to acknowledge the woman who gave you life, and the other amazing sacrifices that mother's do for their children. No really, the things moms do for their kids is crazy sometimes -- and not something I understand. Maybe one day if I become a mom myself, I might "get it."But for now, I'll be telling my momma how much I love her, and being a proud momma to my 12 lb. hot dog. That's enough for me ; )

mothers day gift guide
Check out these Momma's Day goodies:

Mother's Day Brunch Inspirations
Also I put together some inspiration for hosting a mother's day brunch. All original ideas can be found {here} on my {pinterest} page.
1. bright & colorful flowers are a must (tulips are my pick)
2 have an arrangement of various teas and display them in a pretty way
3. Momma's day chalk board art -- love this song : )
When it comes to breakfast/brunch food, I'm one of those people who can never decide if they want a sweet or savory choice. Egg and bacon or french toast -- I just can't decide!! The ultimate diner dilemma. So why not have both? A little it of everything we surely please all hungry bellies.
4.  Bloody mary shooters garnished with shrimp 
(sans alcohol for my momma who doesn't drink)
5. Egg and bacon mini cups - why haven't I thought of this?
6. Nutella & strawberry french toast. 
I have died and gone to heaven
7. Fruit & munchin skewers because, well they're too stinkin' cute not to have.

So what is everyone doing this mother's day?
Hope you all have a lovely day : )

xo Steph

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  1. That Kate Spade bangle is gorgeous! My mom is hosting a mother's day brunch...even on HER day she's still the one that wants to cook!

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  2. My mom would love some nail polishes! She made it easy on me this year and said she wants a giftcard so she can buy flowers for her house and yard. Done and done!

    Kristina does the Internets

  3. I should not have looked at your brunch inspirations before lunch.... they look delicious! Love your ideas and picks :)

  4. And happy mothers day to you.


  5. Hello,
    Very nice selections. Would be awesome to put in a basket for Mom! The mini cups look pretty and easy to make!


  6. I cant wait for this mother's day. I have a couple traditions that I always look forward to. Those strawberry skewers look amazing!


  7. Mothers day goodies idea how amazing , thanks .


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