Happy October First!

In celebration of the first day of October (shouldn't that be a holiday, or at least celebrated?) I wanted to share some of my favorite fall inspirations. 'Tis the seasons for pumpkins and sweaters and everything scary!! Ohhhh I can't wait to start working on our Halloween costumes....
Anyway, get inspired! For all original sources and more fall inspirations check out my fall in love with autumn pinterest board : )
1. melt in your mouth pumpkin cookies - yes please.
2. bowl full of a gourds make the perfect centerpiece
3. Happy Fall, complete with chalkboard and festive garlands
 4. soup out of a pumpkin. why didn't I think of that?
5. colorful leaves. or better yet the smell of burning leaves always remind me of my home in PA.
6. ombre mantle action
7. fireplace overflowing with pumpkins upon pumpkins
8. a warm cup of tea (when you need a PSL alternative)
9. gourd garland if perfect for lining a porch or deck
10. a fall picnic in this vintage beauty
11. pumpkin picking is a must! hoping to recreate this picture
12. homemade apple cider donuts. tied up on trees. 
I'm sure I could make a game out of this!
13. DIY backyard bonfire
14. One word. October. Also the reason I will probably never leave the northeast.
15. pumpkin pancakes. 
I need to convince D to try making these since he is the pancake aficionado around here.
16. playing around with fall themed adult beverages. Like hot apple cider with caramel flavored vodka. Ummmmm amazing.

What else is inspiring me this lovely October first? These mercury glass pumpkins are fabulous, Wood Wick candles in Pumpkin Butter are amazing not only because of their scent but also the sound of a crackling fire, this for my inner Betty Crocker, and this because it intrigues me. Do you think it would be good on toast in the morning?

So happy October First everyone!
Hope you're feeling inspired today!

xo Steph


  1. Haha, every fall/winter I dream about moving somewhere warmer. I truly hate the cold! But I do like all things pumpkin flavored. :)

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  2. I love the happy fall garland! I'm going to do something similar on my mantle!


  3. pretty little thingsOctober 1, 2013 at 5:16 PM

    me too! I'm still trying to put together a cute mantle look for fall/halloween that I like! thanks for the comments rebecca!

  4. pretty little thingsOctober 1, 2013 at 5:16 PM

    the cold can definitely get old -- but I agree, pumpkin flavored everything!! xo

  5. Hooray for pumpkins and gourds...so cute!

  6. pretty little thingsOctober 1, 2013 at 5:54 PM

    tis the season for pumpkins and gourds! ; )

  7. I love this fall inspiration! I made pumpkin pancakes once and they were fantastic. You should definitely try them out!

  8. Love the idea of the picnic in the back of the car!


  9. Short and Sweet BlogOctober 2, 2013 at 1:27 AM

    So stoked for fall and all of the cute autumn decor that goes with it! Pumpkins especially!

  10. Just awesome post . Like and admire this post .

  11. This blog is really awesome. i appreciate you sharing. Thanks.


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