I've got a thing for Halloween .... costumes!

HAPPY almost HALLOWEEN everyone! Did anyone get dressed up last weekend or are you waiting (like me) for this coming weekend?
It's clearly no secret I'm obsessed with all things Halloween, and one thing I love doing is dressing up every year. I thought it would be fun to look back at costumes I've worn in the past...and don't worry, I'll be sure to share my costume from this year next week. This year D got to pick our costumes -- ahh the things you do for love!
Back in 2008 I went as the Fashion Police. I took a regular "sexy cop" costume, and had post-it notes and a pen and wrote out citations of fashion violations. (long before Joan Rivers made it cool!)
Wardrobe change. That same year I went as a red crayon. In "risque red" to be exact. It was a big hit
That Halloween my roommates and I threw a Halloween party and I made this awesomely fabulous cupcakes....
And carved pumpkins....
And I love my little Halloween tree that my mom got me a few years ago. It's like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree -- but for Halloween. Every year my mom will get me a cute little ornament too! : )
 My brother also dressed as toad from Super Mario. Yes, he is only wearing a diaper and a weird vest. Surprisingly enough, two of my friends came as Mario and Luigi (totally unplanned) so clearly they had to take a picture together!
At my 2009 Halloween party I went as a deer hunter (because I'm from Pennsylvania, and everyone I met in Jersey assumed we all hunt and eat deer!) haha, by the way -- I don't.
 2010 was my first Halloween with D and I LOVED our costumes -- Popeye and Olive Oil!
 Kisses for my sweet sailor.
 That year, my brother showed up in a costume you might remember from a popular SNL skit.
I'll leave that up to you whether you catch the reference or not!
 Halloween 2011 D and I went as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario brothers. This was the year we had that weird blizzard in October -- and yet we still managed to call a cab, and head to the bar for our party like a bunch of crazy people! We went out with D's cousin and her boyfriend (who went as Publisher's Clearing House winners -- complete with giant check) and could you believe it -- they actually won the costume contest and won $500!
 This year, D and I went as us in 50 years. Basically a grumpy old couple. It was a hit at the bar and I have to say -- I was the most comfortable Halloween costume I ever wore. A mumu and slippers from Sears was clearly the way to go. D got his whole costume from our local Goodwill.
This will also be known as the Halloween of Hurricane Sandy.
The hurricane hit us only a few days after these pics were taken....
Our friends went as Double Dare -- and they really went all out. They even had fake slide to put in their helmets! Unfortunately they weren't even nominated for best costume like they were last year so that was a bummer -- boo.
I can't wait to share with you pics from this years costume....stay tuned!!

So do you all still dress up for Halloween, or have you not dressed up since the days of trick or treating??

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xo Steph


  1. I absolutely love all of your costumes!!! So fun - can't wait to see what you come up with!


  2. Dean still talks about those costumes (and the Dora costume) as if they were brand new this year haha

    With Luck Blog

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  4. Awesome costumes. I like these all. Really so beautiful.

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