A Few Snapshots from DC

A few weeks ago I visited Washington DC for the first time ever in my 30 years of living! That's pretty ridiculous considering I only live about 3.5 hours away. How could I have never been there? I know my parents are reading this right now and feeling terrible, considering they've both told me how bad they feel for never taking my brother and I there (don't worry mom and dad, I'm not scarred for life…it's really ok!!) So D and I decided to make a long weekend out of it and take it on like tourists. Plus, my dear friend Sharon just moved down there a little almost a year ago, and it was her birthday so it was double the fun! I took so many more pictures than the ones I have here, but just wanted to share a few snippets….enjoy!
For Sharon's bday we hit up an authentic Russian restaurant to celebrate her Russian heritage.
Food was amazing. Vodka was even better ;)
These were my go-to girls when I used to live in Philly. Miss them all so much!
Martini with strawberry infused vodka. Don't mind if I do!
It was the kick off to the Annual Cherry Blossom festival, but because of the tundra like winter we've had, there wasn't a blossom or bud in sight. And it was much colder that D and I had anticipated, so we were crazy underdressed for the bitter cold winds. Packing fail.
See…..I'm not that short!
Taking time for reflection.
It really does make you respect all the men and women who have lost their lives for our freedom.
"I'm glad we're here together in our nation's capital…."
Name that quote! 10 points to anyone who gets it!!

 xo Steph


  1. DC is such a fun city! I went to college in Maryland so I'd visit DC all the time when I lived there :)

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    1. I had a great time there! I was just saying it would be a great city to live in! Thanks for the comments Sharon!

  2. I went to DC when I was younger and hardly remember it! It looks like you had so much fun, I think I need to plan a trip there soon!

  3. Looks like you had a great trip. When my son gets a little older, we plan to make a trip to visit since both my hubby & I have never been there.


  4. Just awesome to see these captured and pose .

  5. nice pictures. I love all of these shots


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