Spring Things

We're finally getting some warmer weather….spring has officially sprung! So what does that mean? It's time for some Spring swap outs. Yup, spring swaps are that time of year where I trade in all my fall/winteresque things for pretty spring alternatives. For example, it's the time of year I trade in my dark nail polish colors for bright springy pastel colors. Even if th temperatures dip on the occasional day (which it has) I'll still bundle up in, but in spring colors. I've still been wearing sweater but have rocked my mint and other pretty pastel colors.  Other fun spring swaps you can make include: nail polish colors, spring purse, springy accessories, spring sandals, and spring fragrance. Don't forget about the perfume ladies! In the winter I've been rocking heavier scents (Coco Noir to be exact) but now it's time to lighten up. What's on my list, Vince Camuto's Fiori -- it's so light and fresh and smells like peonies…..love!

Spring Things
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Now this is my kind of spring cleaning! Out with the cold old and into the new and fresh pieces! After this winter I don't think I've ever been so happy to see spring in my life. Especially considering that spring is also known as my miserable allergy season. Boo. 

So have you started swapping out your winter for spring things?
What are some of your favorite spring pieces you can't wait to wear/use?

xo Steph


  1. Love that Cambridge Satchel! What a pretty color!

    Simply Cydney

  2. Love these! Those earrings are so perfect!


  3. I will take one of each, please. ;) So lovely - the florals, the pastels... I love them all!


  4. I have a little spring wishlist on my blog today too! I'm so ready to add more florals to my closet!


  5. I get to excited when I get to make these swaps for the new season. Pastel accessories are always so pretty for Spring!


  6. All product are looks spanking . So much thanks for shared this here .


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