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So one of the reasons I haven't been blogging as much is because I'm trying to focus on me - offline. One of those things being getting back to the gym and getting back into shape for spring and summer. The gym has been a distant memory for me the past few months so I'm currently trying to get  reacquainted again. Hi there gym! I've been going all this week and let me tell you, it is a humbling experience when you are that out of shape. Yikes! It can be very easy to want to throw in the towel (no pun intended) when things feel too tough, but this is the exact time you need to be pushing through the pain and self-doubt and just…..keep going. So how can you get excited for going to the gym when you want to give up? One of them for me is investing in cute new work out clothes! It may seem silly, but its enough for me to muster up that little motivation. Here are some of my favorites below...

work it

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Aside from getting together a few new gym pieces, another thing I've done to get myself excited for the gym again is revamping my gym playlist. I looked at my iTunes and the last time I updated my gym playlist was when Britney Spears shaved her head and sang "Gimme More" (don't get me wrong, great song) -- so I searched around online and downloaded some new songs to get me pumped up!! Songs currently on my playlist include Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty," Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop," and Beyonce "Drunk in Love."

So anyone have any suggestion for gym songs to really get you pumped up?
Any other suggestions to get excited for the gym?

Happy Monday everyone! 
xo Steph


  1. ohhhh I feel ya! Dean dragged me to the gym...on vacation.... during the free happy hour! I almost died. (partially because of the time and place, partially because it's been wayyyy too long since I've done that kind of physical activity). Buying new workout gear is a definite push!

    Happy to see your posts on my feed again! :-)

    With Luck Blog

    1. haha that's dedication! and definitely one thing I haven't ever done is go to the gym on vacation -- although I'm sure D would like me to go with him!! :)

  2. yes! i am a big fan of Pilates, trying to get back into it!

    love from San Francisco,

    1. I've only tried pilates and it was haaaaard! Definitely a great work out though -- maybe I should try it again!

  3. I need lots of help in the music department! And I blogged about workout gear today too...check it out!


    1. nice I'll have to check out your post for some more cute work out gear - thanks AJ! xo

  4. Great job you have shared here . Like it .


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