25 Things You Don't Know About Pretty Little Things

25 Things You Don't Know About Pretty Little Things

1. My real name is Stephanie. But I prefer Steph.
2. I am a Seinfeld addict, can quote almost every line in that show, 
and can not be beaten in Seinfeld trivia!
3. I drink green tea every morning because I like it.
And then found out the health benefits and liked drinking it even more.
4. I have dreams of one day owning a Vespa and zipping around town in it.
5. I'm currently finishing my 2nd Master's degree in School Counseling {this summer, YAY}
6. I am an English teacher.
7. My favorite flowers are peonies.
8. I wish I had naturally straight hair, but it is out of control curly!
9. I love the sound of acoustic guitars and hope to learn to play one day. 
My boyfriend is currently learning and this make me very happy : )
10. I collect cookbooks. And now will start really using them.
11. I love photography and once had one of my pieces displayed in a local art gallery when I was in high school. I would love to get back into it. 
12. I am scared of roller coasters, airplanes and the thought of going on a cruise ship.
13. I am trying to maintain a natural and healthy eating diet - however I have a weakness for junk food - Pizza Hut pizza in particular.
14. Gone With The Wind is one of my all time favorite movies.
15. I am really weird about expiration dates on food {especially dairy products} and any meat that is remotely raw. I just can't eat it.
16. My favorite sport is football and I LOVE the NY Giants.
17. I love going to Broadway shows, concerts and sporting events. To me, I'd rather pay money for the experience rather than using that money for a new purse.
18. But don't get me wrong, I love bags and shoes as much as the next girl.
And hope to own 1 pair of Christian Louboutin heels by 30. Perhaps a birthday gift to myself : )
19. I can't stand it when people use improper/bad grammar {see #6}
20. My signature scent is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.
21. I would choose eating veggies over fruit any day.
Right now I am trying to trick myself into craving fruit.
22. My favorite beverage is water - seriously. And that's pretty much all I drink all day.
23. Thinks one of the funniest new movies out is "Horrible Bosses."
If you haven't seen it, check it out! So funny.
24. I love Halloween and all things scary. 
Just rented Paranormal 3 this weekend and it was just as scary as I remembered it being in the theater - and watching it during the day!
25. I "pinned" and created inspiration boards the old school way loooong before Pinterest was invented. I would rip out magazine pictures and put them on bullet boards and notebooks.

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me more ; )

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Ah, I remember the days of cutting out magazine photos and making collages :) While I do love Pinterest, I miss that!

    I am a total Seinfeld fanatic as well - I can quote most episodes and still laugh when I see re-runs and know what's coming :)

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Old school Pinterest was the best! I have to admit I still do it : )

  2. Stephanie you're my new found blogger friend! LOL peonies, paranormal activity, two Master's degrees, afraid of roller coasters and airplanes it I can relate to it all lololol. Loving your blog and thanks for stopping by mine!

    XO Kelley

    1. always love when I find other bloggers with stuff in common : ) Love your blog as well!

  3. I always say that I want to have curly hair since it tends to be flat. I'm starting to drink green tea too. Plus is way better than coffee (in my opinion). I wanted to major in English so I can be an author, but it may be difficult since I like reading than writing. It was nice getting to know you ^_^

    XO Jojo


    1. Thanks for the comments Jojo! And green tea is way better -- the caffeine in coffee tends to make me a little crazy! haha


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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