things that are inspiring me today....

I've been thinking about re-doing my bedroom but not sure what look I'm going for. Here are two inspiration pics I found on my Pinterest that I enjoy.
 I wish I had a bedroom (or any room in my place for that matter) with exposed brick. There's something about it I just love.
 Another bedroom I'm lusting over is this one. This big fluffy white bed looks like the kind of bed I want to get a running start and dive into like a little kid! Plus I think the one wallpapered wall looks pretty cool. Not to mention the zebra ottoman gives it a nice touch!
Pretty black lace dress and red suede heels on Melissa Rycroft. I'm shopping around for a dress that looks just like this. Let me know if anyone can find one! : )

 There's also no secret that I love watches. Right now I have three currently in rotation, and this Michael Kors watch in leather has caught my eye. What do you think?
 I need this hanger in my closet like now! How much more enjoyable would that be to get dressed in the morning when your hanger compliments you! Another variation I thought of getting personalized would be something like, "good morning beautiful"
 I adore this cute and casual look for spring and summer. I've been waiting to rock my white pants (YES, before memorial day) and I like the simpleness of the scarf and belt. I hope to recreate this look once the weather stays warm.
And I'm loving this quote. Especially since he is my favorite author.. Well said Mr. Hemingway!

What's been inspiring you lately?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. Love these photos, especially Hemingway's quote, it's brilliant!

    Harrie x


    1. Hemingway is the best! Thanks for the comments Harrie! xo.

  2. I love the exposed brick...we looked at a townhouse that had one and I loved it!

    1. My next place has to have some type of exposed brick! Are you planning to get that townhouse?

  3. Love the hangers. I need it when I have those "I don't know" moments as I try on outfits. What's been inspiring me is the sun and clear skies. I been needing a relaxation from the semester. I can't wait to sit in my porch and read a book.

    XO Jojo


    1. Isn't that hanger fantastic! I know it would give me the confidence in the morning to leave the house feeling pretty confident about myself! haha : )


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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