things that are inspiring me today : )

Hello pretties! Well it finally feels like spring is here (we actually more like summer now that I think about it) I wanted to share some inspiration photos that have me, well, inspired lately to work on some projects. Check them out!
Pretty spring wreath with pink tulips. I would love this on my front door! So earthy and fresh.

My spring staple - Maxi dresses and denim jackets. Now only if the weather could warm up a little more I can finally wear them. I have a few new ones for this year, so I'm really excited to break them out. Both incorporate the color blocking trend.
Love the ombre hair with soft waves Rachel Bilson is rocking here. Apparently the ombre look is something you can achieve at the salon, and isn't something you get naturally from the sun {how did I not know this??} Might be interested in this lightened up look for spring and summer. Thoughts?
Pretty pink ombre peonies {my fav} in old mason jars. Just LOVE this. How perfect would this be as a table setting for an al fresco dinner party under the stars --sigh.
 Exposed brick and picture frame with hanging photos. I love the look of this, and I just recently found an old picture frame like this in my parents basement when they were doing some spring cleaning, so I'm hoping to attempt to recreate this look. Would love this in my place somewhere.
And this lovely photo just screams - I need a vacation! This looks like it could be Paris, but in my head it could be anywhere. I love old cobblestone streets, little shops, boutiques, and bakeries, and most importantly, that Vespa that is sitting right there! I have always dreamed of having a Vespa to scoot around my city with -- and one day I hope my dream will come true!
And just in case you were wondering, this is what I envision my colorful and cute little Vespa to look like : )

While I day dream about buzzing around on my vespa, picking up fresh flowers and bread from the local shoppes, I hope everyone has a lovely day!

-Pretty Little Things


  1. How pretty! I love the flower photo :)

    1. Thanks for the comments Kate! How perfect are those flowers? Love them!

  2. I absolutely adore that wreath - so pretty! I can't wait to move out of my rents house and decorate my flat all girly...don't know what my fiance would do though. Beautiful and charming blog!



    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! And I totally get the decorating thing when you have a significant other -- usually the guy loses out when it comes to decorating haha : ) We get the whole house and they can have their "man cave" aka the basement.


I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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