my weekend in photos: )

I had a lovely weekend that included dinner and drinks at Lola's tapas bar in Hoboken, NJ which has amazing tapas and sangria. A favorite spot for me and D.
Smiles over sangria : ) 
Sidewalk kisses.
Saturday was spent laying out in the park overlooking the New York City skyline (which is one of the many reasons why I feel so lucky to live where I live) and I got to soak up some sun, work on my tan, and finish reading the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy while D practiced guitar. This was followed by lunch, ice cream, and A LOT of people watching -- a great Saturday in my book : )
Laying out at Sinatra Park right on the water front. 
Or what we locals like to call "Hoboken Beach"
 Grilled eggplant, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil stacked in a tower -- YUM!
Lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant Tutta Pasta.
D got the Pasta Primavera which is equally as yummy.

On Sunday D and I went to Bamboozle which was a concert featuring Bon Jovi! It was a surprise he's been hiding for a few weeks so I was pleasantly surprised! It was also extra special because the concert was at the beach in Asbury Park, which is Bon Jovi's home town so it was kind of a homecoming/reunion type show. Despite the cold/kinda rainy weather we had a great weekend!
Our wristbands marking the 10 year anniversary of the Bamboozle festival.
 Impromptu photo shoot on the shuttle over to the concert.
 Gotta do the silly faces.
And the lovey ones!
Bon Jovi thinks coffee is sexy! Haha that must be why I had about 5. 
Either that, or because it was freezing cold out by that ocean!
Huge slices of real pizza?? Oh shit, I thought I was in line for the small, fake pizza!? 
 Sweatshirt I had to buy because it was so damn cold!! But pretty cool because we had a cool memento of the weekend to take home that included the weekends concert line up!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend : )

-Pretty LIttle Things


  1. looks like you had a great weekend - love the pics!!


  2. I looove the photos, looks like a great weekend! :)

  3. cute photos, sounds like a great weekend.

    xo erica


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