Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! While I'm not a mother myself, I have probably one of the most amazing mother's out there {no lie} and I am so grateful and blessed to have her in my life as my mother, and as my best friend. Today she shared with me a poem that I wrote her back in 2008, which continues to bring tears to her eyes, and she asked that I shared it with all of you today : ) Hope you all enjoy!

These Hands

these hands are ones that hold me
when there is no one else to turn 
these hands work hard:
cleaning, sewing, fixing, washing,
to provide for her family
from morning 'til night.
these hands are those of a nurse,
who care for and heal broken bodies
and broken hears.
these hand are those of a cook
streaming pots of chicken soup
that fill my bell with nourishment
and to warn me, from the inside out.

these hands held cups of hot tea,
carrying long talks of love and life.
these hands are those who comfort,
rub my back when I cry, stroke my hear,
and to hold my head up high
when I can't fid the strength
to do it myself.
these hands are dry and rough,
yet soft to the touch
and smell of sweet lavender and soup
these hands have held me as a child,
raised me through the years
and taught me how to be a woman
who lives with dignity and respect
the hands are worn with years,
but they are beautiful.
these hands look like mine
or mine will one day
when I become a woman like her
these hands belong to my mother.

- seg

I love you!
Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mama and to all the other lovely mommies out there : )

-Pretty Little Things


  1. That's a great poem! Hope you had an amazing mother's day with your mom ^_^

    XO Jojo


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