MDW: Memorial Day Weekend!

It's no secret that I love holidays, especially one's that include three day weekends and mark the unofficial kick-off to summer, complete with pool openings. No really though, Memorial Day is a day for us to celebrate and remember those who served our country and keep us safe everyday -- and to those people I say thank you : ) 
With that being said, Memorial Day is also a day to celebrate with friends and family. Here are some of my MDW finds for throwing an awesome get together!
{All images found on Pinterest}
 Even though you're only "supposed" to eat 4 hot dogs a year (or so I've been told) Memorial Day to me screams {Hot Dog Bar}. Even if you don't like hot dogs, how cute is this set up?
More hotdogs, this time wrapped up all patriotically (is that a word?)
I also love the vintage labels here to put on beverages.
Cute print I'd love to have framed somewhere. Perhaps the hot dog bar?
 Oh my gosh, this grilled corn makes my mouth water!
And LOVE the way the corn is displayed here on sticks, like little corn kabobs! : )
And is that Frito's holding them up? Genius.

Sweet treats! Adore the chocolate dipped pretzels.

Possible outfits? Obviously I love any excuse to get festive and dress for a party theme : ) 
Red pants anyone?

And I wanted to leave you all with some funnies, courtesy of someecards.com
 {they seriously make the funniest cards ever}

So does anyone have anything fun planned for their Memorial Day weekend? 
Hope everyone has a great time : )

-Pretty Little Things


  1. What a spread!! So awesome, everything looks fantastic!

  2. happy memorial day! I hope you'll visit my blog!

  3. What great ideas! I really like the individually wrapped hot dogs and red skinny jeans! I just started following your blog, want to follow back? :)



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