How do you weigh in on this? {pun intended}

**I already had plans to write about this, and now since Jessica Simpson had her baby -- Maxwell Drew -- I felt it was the perfect time to post this**

Is it just me, or does pregnancy seem to be the new black?? Everywhere I look {either in celeb world or my own life} everyone is getting pregnant! Now don't get me wrong, I think a pregnant woman is truly when a woman is at her most beautiful because, well, look at her! She is glowing! And for goodness sakes she actually making a whole person in there! Truly crazy! Anyway, one thing that has always bothered me in the media is the constant comments on women's weight. I mean seriously, this is why eating disorders are running rampant because society is ridiculously hard on women and their bodies. Celebrity Jessica Simpson is no exception. Whether you love her or hate her, I feel terrible for the way the media is making constant comments about her pregnancy body. I mean sure, she's not a little and petite pregnant woman like Kourtney Kardashian or Nicole Richie....
 And let me state for the record - I'm certainly not knocking on women who are naturally blessed with tiny bodies. If you are one of those women - rock it! However, I do wonder if many women diet and exercise like crazy to look like this while pregnant...is that really healthy? I don't know.
I mean sure, who wouldn't like to just be "all bump?"
But yes, Jessica Simpson is big. Yes, she gained a good amount of weight during her pregnancy. But she is PREGNANT! And in my opinion, all pregnant women are beautiful!
 So what are your thoughts on pressures to be thin while pregnant? Even if you've had a kid or not, do you think it's fair? 

And on a side note - what are your thoughts of naked/boudoir inspired photos of the bump? Many celebs and normal people like us do it all the time -- how do you weigh in? Something beautiful or totally not your thing?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. I don't think it's fair to criticize women about their weight while they are pregnant. It the natural process of life. Also (in my opinion) the weight from Jessica Simpson helps the baby so it won't be underweight. I don't mind the naked photo of the bump, I think it helps women realize that you don't have to be skinny when your pregnant and it's normal unless they try to photo shop it, but we can't help that. Great post! I start to wonder about this pregnant business too.

    XO Jojo


    1. I agree Jojo! I think women should embrace their pregnancy body and not worry so much about their own weight gain as much as the weight gain they need for a healthy baby. And personally, I love the naked bump photo shoot -- If the woman has the confidence to do it, she should rock it!!

  2. I love that pregnancy is celebrated now, instead of women feeling like they have to hide! Also, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you with the Versatile Blogger Award today. :)

    1. That is so sweet of you -- thanks for the awesome blogger award!! : )

  3. You asked for my opinion... I think that many women unnecessarily gain too much during their pregnancy, which I don't believe is good or healthy plus it's harder to lose after the baby and that makes many new mommies quite miserable. Gaining around 25 pounds for the baby is perfect, gaining 85 is too much. That's my opinion, I hope everyone doesn't hate me now. Pregnant bodies are definitely beautiful and it's wonderful that it's more acceptable to show of the baby bump than hiding it like fashion did for so many years

  4. good post girl! i'm riding the fence on this one. i'm currently 28 and some days with child and to date i've gained nine pounds. in my pre-preg life i was the girl that looked at a piece of bread and gained five pounds, but always worked out so was able to maintain a very healthy weight. with my pregnancy i have continued to workout (just at a lower intensity) and have actually found my cravings/binging to be healthier. before i would eat healthy for two weeks and then have a "cheat" day. during that cheat day i could easily put two pounds on. who knows why? but with a more balanced diet, the weight doesn't seem to want to pack on as easily when i eat something sweet or startch-ridden. balance is the operative word here. (getting long-winded...) now, one of the most commen phrases i've heard throughout the pregnancy is, "you're pregnant! now's your chance!" in reference to indulgences. but if you say "yes" to everything, yes, you're going to pack on some extra weight and how happy will you be with your post-babe bod? was your intention during pregnancy to become less healthy? i know mine is not. i know when i put good things in my body i feel better. my skin is better. my mood is better. i sleep better. better better better. so, while i encourage balance and health, i discourage the women who tell you, "now is the time!" tsk tsk.

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