Pumpkin Spice Latte #tbt

So I got to thinking, what a shame it is that many bloggers (myself included) can create such great content for their blog, but if you didn't read that day -- poof! it's like that post never existed, as it gets pushed farther and farther into the archives. I know bloggers work very hard on content and in constantly creating new and fresh ideas for readers to enjoy. But if that post or day was missed, it's most likely off the radar. That's where my brilliant Throwback Thursday series or (#tbt as instagrammers are calling it) has come into play. I thought it would be really cool to use some of my Thursday posts to re-feature some of my favorite old posts just in case you missed it. That's the nice thing about style too -- what is old will always become new and fresh again! Fashion is always being recycled. So why not do that here too?
Here's an outfit I wore last year that D aptly said, "you look like a pumpkin spice latte!" which I think he was pretty accurate. Between the mustard colored sweater and striped scarf, I was totally channeling warm fall colors which captures the essence of a pumpkin spice latte. As I sip on a #PSL as I write this post now, I pay homage to my most wonderful time of the year : )
Outfit Details:
 Mustard Tunic: H&M (cute option here) // Black jeggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (similar)
Scarf: Old Navy (fall-ish scarf) // Gold Watch: Fossil // Love Necklace: Tiffany and Co.
Leopard Flats: Payless (nice option)
Taking my Throwback Thursday post a step further, I was thinking it might be cool to even host a Throwback Thursday link-up with other bloggers as a chance to make an old post fresh again, link up with other bloggers, and make some new friends in the process. But before I go about doing this I wanted to get your input. 
Is a Throwback Thursday link-up something you would be interested in?
Let me know what you think in the comments section : )

Happy Friday Eve everyone! 

xo Steph

also linking up with Tara at Mix and Match Fashion


  1. Throw Back Thursday sounds like fun! I have posts that haven't had much traffic but the comments that were left tells me they really enjoyed what I wrote! Can't wait to read more!

  2. That's a fun idea! I'd do it!
    With Luck Blog

  3. So true that if it's not read that day, it's forgotten. I try to keep current with all the blogs that I follow but some times you just don't have the time. I think this would be a fun idea!


  4. Love your sweater and the leopard flats!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. That's how I always feel! I'm hoping of maybe doing a link up if more people are interested! Thanks for the comments Lee!

  6. doesn't it? I love the scarf especially - its so fall-esque!

  7. Thanks Skylette! They are actually so old too and I got them at Payless. I can't believe they lasted this long!!

  8. Very cute Fall outfit! Love the leopard flats!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  9. Love the idea of throw back thursday link ups!
    Great Outfit!


  10. dressing for fall is my favorite! Thanks for the sweet comments!

  11. great! i'm hoping if I get enough interest I might actually do the link-up! xo

  12. Love this outfit! those shoes are super cute and that necklace is amazing!

    -The Preppy Student

  13. thank you! the love necklace is one of my favorites! xo

  14. #TBT blog edition could be fun!


  15. This is such a cute idea. Sometimes people might miss out amazing contents and this is a great idea to showcase the outfits and contents again. And also great for mental block days! :D

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    cassandra xx

  16. That sounds fun! I'd do it!

  17. Love that necklace and those flats are so adorable!!
    Great post and idea!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  18. Love this look, cute flats!


  19. thanks for the feedback aj! xo

  20. I agree -- it's hard to create new content everyday, so TBT might be nice for that, and to showcase older posts too! thanks for the comments cassandra!

  21. awesome!

  22. thanks ashley! xo

  23. thanks jessica!

  24. thanks lina! : )

  25. lovely outfit! Very autumnal :)




I love getting and reading all your comments and respond to most of them when I can. Love hearing from you all! xo

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